DIY: Corral the Chaos: How To Organize Your Baker’s Twine

February 20, 2013

Corral the Chaos: How to Organize Your Baker's Twine Spools

I have no business being around power tools. It is a recipe for lost appendages. The thought of a table saw makes me want to grab some gauze and a tourniquet. This is precisely why I am here to share some ideas for craftroom organization …sans power tools.

I’m not gonna lie – I am envious of other crafters with handmade cabinetry and storage with all sorts of fancy schmancy moulding and whatnot. It looks so purty. But let’s be honest, that is just not going to happen in this house. Unless the little man in the Ikea booklet is going to tell me how to assemble it – there is no construction happening in this home.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be bringing you my ideas for creating cute & functional organization for your craft supplies using your power-less tools.

First order of business, the pile of baker’s twine spools that took up residence in the middle of our floor. Very pretty to look at. Very messy. Very annoying to husbands who don’t quite understand the awesomeness of baker’s twine. One day, he will learn.


{1} Laser cut frame from Michaels – they carry several shapes and sizes of these awesome frames!

{2} 1″ Brass Plated Cup Hooks – you will need 10 of these for this project. I purchased mine at Home Depot in packages of 3.

{3} Square dowels. These are available at Home Depot in the same aisle as traditional circular dowels.

{4} 1/2″ circular dowels

{5} Small nails (not shown)

Additional Tools: Hammer, Hand saw, Spray Paint (optional)


{1} Saw the square dowel down to be slightly smaller than the width of the frame. If you do not own a saw, you can ask the nice people at Home Depot to do this for you and they usually are happy to help.

{2} Nail the square dowel into place as shown above.

{3} Spray paint the frame in any color you wish (optional)

{4} Screw the cup hooks into place on either side of the frame. I was able to do this with my hand and some elbow grease! You’ll want to measure the distance between each hook before screwing them into place , to be sure they are all even.

{5} Saw the circular dowels down to be slightly longer than the width of the frame opening. Slide dowels into place on the hooks and add spools of twine.

Organize Baker's Twine

Organize Baker's Twine Side View Close

Once you hang your frame on the wall, you’ll see just how useful those square dowels are to making this functional. Without the dowels on the back, the frame would be flush to the wall and the spools would not have room to rotate.

Organize Baker's Twine Side View

My twine rack does double-duty by also holding a few flat notecards and business cards that I can grab quickly when I need to.

Organize Baker's Twine Close

Oh…and before I go…did I mention how inexpensive this project was to create?!

Baker's Twine Rack Receipt

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this project along with your own craft supply organizational needs! What would you like to see in upcoming posts? Personally, I need something that will organize all my envelopes! They are all over the place!!!