Behind The Scenes: Twine Lover’s Giveaway Winners

July 26, 2013


Baker's Stock Twine Giveaway Winners | Damask Love Blog


Welp. It’s official. Ya’ll love baker’s twine. Almost 300 of you entered into the Baker’s Stock giveaway…phew! Now, we all know that there aren’t 300 winners in this giveaway…nope…just two. So without further adieu…IMG_0442



And as if this giveaway and discount code aren’t awesome enough – I hope you’ll stick around Damask Love because today is going to be all sorts of crazy here on the blog!  Today, I’ll be sharing a bunch of posts that revisit the recent Damask Love Live workshop! You’ll get to see behind the scenes photos of the event and there will be even more giveaways, more discount codes and more crafty fun. Stop by throughout the day because you don’t want to miss it!

Damask Live Live Revisited

2 thoughts on “Twine Lover’s Giveaway Winners”

  1. Congrats to the lucky winners and…um…I just used that code to order myself four spools. :/ I mean, really – who can resist Airmail and Halloween and Ice Cream and Peppermint? I should’ve just gone ahead and ordered Ladybug, too, shouldn’t I? {hangs head in shame}

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