DIY: Toile 2015: Gifts for Beginner Crafters

November 2, 2015


1 . Cordless Glue Gun // 2. Embroidery Floss // 3. Agate stones // 4. Ceramic Necklace Kit // 5. Dream Doodle Draw Coloring Book // 6. Gold Scissors

Halloween is over which can mean but only one thing. Go get your tree, belt out some carols and deck the hell out of your halls. I’m not really sure when Thanksgiving got the ax, but the fact of the matter is that I’ve been staring at holiday decor on store shelves since…like…uh…July? I’m not even kidding. Hobby Lobby has been carrying ornaments for months and Target was rolling out Halloween candy and wrapping paper within weeks of each other. Couple this with the balmy 98 degree Miami temperatures, I have exactly zero sense of time or season, right now…but I’m going with it. Gift giving season is here, so  it’s time to bring you Toile – the Damask Love gift guide filled with all of my very favorites that you should be wrapping up this year.

Like last year’s guide, I’m bringing you weekly installments of Toile featuring just a few gift ideas – not a big long list that you have to sift through.  These are truly my faves. They are the goods I would love to see under my tree *hint, hint,wink,wink*

This week I’m starting things off with a few gift ideas for those would be crafters in your life. You know – the one’s who love to be creative but have no interest in spending a bajillion bucks to outfit a full room filled with stamps, paper and 95 rolls of ribbon. Each of these gifts are affordable, beautiful and will make you the coolest gift giver in all the land.

one | Ever since I got this thing in my hot little hands, I’ve been obsessed. I have been hot gluing everything because I can. It’s just so easy. Everybody needs a glue gun  – whether is for crafting or for fixing the unraveled hem on your skirt as you run out of the house (yes – I’ve done this before). It’s cute to look at, it’s comfortable to hold and uh…did I mention, it’s cordless!? Gift this cordless glue gun with a few extra packages of glue sticks and a package of batteries. And grab one for yourself, while you’re at it.

two | Embroidery floss! The non crafters best friend and such an inexpensive way to give something beautiful. Gather up a pile of bright shades and package them in a pretty jar or keepsake box. Then, give em the link to this project which is one of my favorites and one of the easiest way to make something beautiful and functional.

three | When I see these agate stones, I just want to rub them and say “My Precious.” They are that pretty and beautiful for anyone. Gift them with an unfinished wood box and a few paints to inspire someone to create a beautiful jewelry box. Or you can pick up supplies to make these awesome agate wall hooks. Gemstones have been on the come up for the entire year, so it’s a safe bet that anyone would love to receive a handful of these pretties inside their stocking.

four | You know how I get down with a crafting kit – and if you don’t know, let me tell you. Crafting kits are my jam. They come with everything you need so all that’s left do is get down to business. So after all the gifts are unwrapped and it’s time to wind down – why now do a little winding down with a DIY Ceramic Necklace kit. It’s a fun activity – and when you’re done, you’ll have a pretty necklace that totally gives you “I made it” bragging rights. Check out the other kits from For the Makers. They’re not too pricey and they are really on trend and perfect for under the tree.

five | Coloring is the new black. Recently a decidedly non-crafty friend of mine told me that she recently purchased a coloring book and loved it. It’s not just for kids anymore. Coloring is such a relaxing activity! By far, my favorite coloring book is this one for obvious reasons (read: I love donuts, cupcakes and cookies). Pair the coloring book with a big box of coloring pencils and you’ve got hours of creative fun wrapped up in a bow. And if you’re looking for a coloring book with more grown up features, check out Anna Griffin’s coloring book – it’s a beauty.

six | …and if you’re at a complete loss for what crafty gift to give…when in doubt, gold scissors will solve all your problems. And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, what about getting them engraved with the recipients name or a sassy saying like “You’re a cut above the rest.”

Can you think of other gift ideas for crafters? I’d love to hear all about them! And now that I’ve got you in the holiday state of mind – have you heard the hottest news on the blog? There’s a new blog in town and it’s unlike anything you’ve read before. The Holiday Collective is live and you’d better high tail it over there to see what the hubbub is about

5 thoughts on “Toile 2015: Gifts for Beginner Crafters”

  1. Thanks for another wonderful page full of information! This past weekend I pulled out my 20-year old glue gun (I was extremely young when I got this thing LOL) and was thinking about this cordless one you have showed us before. I have got to upgrade! I have the Anna Griffin coloring books you provided a link to as well as her latest holiday coloring books (also on HSN) and they are fabulous! I love the designs.
    Your new blog looks really cool – I am interested to see more! I am not on Facebook or Instagram – will I still be able to see things from that site?

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