Behind The Scenes: This Week In Review

June 24, 2016


When things get quiet on the blog, you can rest assured that something good is brewing!

For the last 8 days, I’ve been in Los Angeles taping episodes of Home & Family as part of the Ultimate DIY Star Competition. It all started in March when I submitted my sixty second entry video to! I had no clue that three months later, I’d win the whole thing!

Now for a few more favorites from this week on the interwebs:

….and, If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my winning segment on Home & Family along with the moment they announced my name as the winner. There may have been some ugly crying involved. Don’t judge.

11 thoughts on “This Week In Review”

  1. I just knew you would win!!! You are Awesome! Congratulations!!!
    The picnic project is so cool. I thought it was great that you were blowing their minds too (on the video).

  2. Congratulations Amber – your project was incredible! LOVE it :-=)

    Perhaps I am being a dummy, but I can’t find the footage of the winning moment – help!!

  3. OMG Amber!!! Your craft-stravagant self is a natural TV personality …. You’re totally the crafty and creative Rachael Ray of morning television ????… can’t wait to see what you do next???

  4. Mazel Tov! You deserve the win. I love every single project you post. Most of the time my first thought is “how did she think of that”. You are super creative with a fantastic asthetic and I totally agree that you are perfect for television. Way to go!!!

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