DIY: The Perfect Gift for Moms & Bloggers

November 23, 2015


We are still a few days out from Thanksgiving but when I went to the mall yesterday, you could have easily convinced me that it was Christmas Eves. The joint was thick with ravenous shoppers…surely they were giving out free diamonds somewhere because I really don’t know what else would have caused such crowds! I was there to buy shoes for Markus, which he desperately needed – since he is a giant baby child who outgrows his clothes after every meal, but that’s not the point. The point is that the malls are overgrown with people and I refuse to return. Even if they are giving out free diamonds.

I’ll be doing my shopping online. Period.

So today I’m showing you some of my favorite gifts for two groups of people who have zero time for crazed mall crowds: Mommas and Bloggas. The moms are busy with the kids and the bloggers are busy styling their next Instagram post. Turns out I fall in both of these groups, so I can personally vouch for this list of gifts.

One | The planner craze is real. It’s an anti-tech movement… and  it looks like pen and paper may just stand a chance against our phones. There something to be said for writing down your plans, scribbling down your goals. doodling your dreams. The Visionary Journal gives you one place to do just that. Bloggers and moms have a knack for making plans and dreaming big. This journal inspires you to do both and encourages you through the process of making your plans happen. If you’re a planner, dreamer, maker, shaker – check out The Visionary Journal. You’ll love.

Two | There are two things that every bloggers loves. The first one is “gold” – all gold errrrrythang. Gold spray paint. Gold jewelry. Gold paper. We also love hashtags. We hashtag everything. When gold meets hashtag, it’s an absolute blogger neccesity. Grab one for the blogger in your life. She’ll love you. Oops, I mean, she’ll #loveyou.

Three | I used to get manicures every other week.  I used to get pedicures every other week. Now that I’m post-baby, my hands look like claws and my feet look like I’ve been kicking rocks while running around in a pit filled with dust. I don’t have time for my mani/pedi ritual. #RIPManiPedis. These days, I have to go the DIY route for my hands and footsies, but I can’t jut go with a swipe of regular polish because it will chip if I so much as sneeze.  I snagged this Deborah Lippman Gel Lab Manicure set and was shocked to find out that it actually works! It works!! The set comes with a base coat and top coat and you can use any nail color you want with the set.  You can give it a try with the mini set before you splurge on the full size. It’s great for busy moms or for DIY bloggers who are hard on their hands but need pretty nails for all those blog photos.

Four | My 35 year old self would laugh at my 25 year old self. My 25 year old self wore heels…all. the. time. My 25 year old self carried a clutch purse filled with the necessities (i.e. cell, wallet, lip gloss). My 35 year old self? She prefers flats and requires a substantially larger handbag because at any given moment she needs cell, wallet, lip gloss, chapstick, bottle of water, diapers, graham cracker snacks for the babe, wipes, hand lotion….yadda, yadda, yadda…and did I mention my 35 year old self has to carry all that stuff while toting around the aforementioned giant baby child? Hallelujah for snazzy backpacks like this one. I can carry all my goods around without worrying about a purse sliding off my shoulder. The mom backpack is my new jam and I’m not ashamed to say it. Join the club. We have graham crackers.

Five | Have I ever told you about my obsession with stickers? It’s a real problem. I love a good sticker – and I really love a good sticker that serves a real purpose. Enter Label Circus.  The powerhouse team behind Label Circus offers up a huge collection of incredibly high quality labels that will speak to your sticker loving soul. When I got a chance to hold these labels in my hand, I couldn’t help but pet them and oogle at their prettiness. The patterns are bold and coloful – and you can personalize them for whatever you need. My favorite is the Gingerbread Label – so perf for holiday gift giving. Stay tuned to see a closer look at Label Circus in tomorrow’s post.

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