DIY: Start Your Stash: Day 6

November 27, 2012

Scoreboard Bone Folder Stickles

When I first started paper crafting, I didn’t own a scoring board. I made do with a ruler and the backside of a butter knife. It did the job for a while, but I knew I needed to invest in a tool that would make quick work of this task. Today, I own two score tools, one large one and one mini score board by Martha Stewart.  The Mini Scoring Board by Martha Stewart  is straight up awesome. I use if 99% of the time. It has a very small footprint which means I can use it even when my desk is cluttered with all sorts of other materials. The board comes with a bone folder that you can use for scoring, and it does the job just fine. My preference is to use this scoring board along with the MS Stylus Set…but it’s certainly not a necessity. Another great feature of this board, is the envelope scoring guide on the back., making it super simple to create custom envies.  The board measures 6 1/2″ across the top and 8″ down the side. There are markings along the top that note where you’d need to score for an A2 and 4bar cards. Since most of my projects are small in scale, this product is great for me. Of course, if you craft on a larger scale, this may be too little and you should opt for the full sized MS Scoring Board.

I know, I know. You’re thinking….a bone folder? Seriously? How did that make it onto the Must Have list? Well, let me tell you. If one day, I have to run out of my house with only 30 seconds to grab stuff, I’m taking photos of family and this bone folder. First, it is made of incredibly sturdy Teflon. It won’t warp and it won’t leave a sheen on your paper when you run it across folds. It has two ends that are shaped differently, which I didn’t think would matter…but it does. Trust me. Last, since I am a big fan of very heavy cardstock, this bone folder makes it really easy to get a sharp crease, even when using really thick paper.

I love glitter. I hate the mess it makes. Enter: Stickles ! Most of you know about this stuff, but I recently familiarized myself with all the varieties of Stickles and was pleasantly surprised to find that each type offered something different! I’ve used standard Stickles for a while. They are great for adding sparkle straight from the bottle. Ice Stickles, add serious shine. It’s kind of like sticking a bunch of Swarovski crystals directly onto your paper. Love. Distress Stickles create patina-like flecks, which are especially beautiful on vintage or shabby chic projects. My favorite Distress Stickles color is Peeled Paint – such a beautiful rustic green. I used it on the Christmas card in this post to create a rustic looking wreath.

Now how about a project that uses all three of these products? I’ve come up with a treat box that you can download (for free, of course!) And don’t forget to use your Crafty Power Tape to assemble this adorable gift!

Click through for photos, free template and today’s giveaway!

Treat Box Trees

After cutting out and assembling the treat boxes, I dotted each with Ice Stickles. I also added Stickles to the star topper, which I adhered to a toothpick, then stuck down into the box.



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  • Tomorrow, we’re gonna take a quick break from the Start Your Stash series for a post the I whipped up this evening. I’m hoping that the yummy project will win me a round-trip ticket to Altitude Design Summit!!! I hope you’ll come by and let me know what you think.

87 thoughts on “Start Your Stash: Day 6”

  1. what a great treat box! I started with a lot of glitter in my craft supplies…loved it but it sure got everywhere!I love stickles…I love the sparkle it gives my cards and projects!
    Thank you for a chance to win more stickles!

  2. Those treat boxes are adorable! I agree, I couldn’t craft without my bone folder or my Stickles. I love the look of glitter, but I refuse to use it… I dont like finding sparkles on my face three days later. 🙂 I love my Stickles!

    Annie Rose

  3. Oh my goodness I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of Stickles. Really loving the ice Stickles-so cool! I use the cheap brand of glitter glue from Michaels but I’m not all that excited about them. Think I need to pony up and buy some Stickles!

  4. I love the treat box trees. It’s an adorable idea for sharing treats with my coworkers … leave off the star, and they can be decorated for any holiday!

    I’m actually neutral on glitter. I love the look, but hate the mess. Sounds like it’s time to get me som stickies!

  5. Hi, I wasn’t sure about glitters by now, but I think they are a MUST in all Christmas cards. Otherwise I don’t use them at all, but now I’m starting to warm up 🙂 🙂

    So, winning this prize would truly be helpful with my relationship with glitter 🙂 I keep my fingers crossed 🙂

  6. I’ve actually never used Stickles!!! I have used glitter…I love how it looks on a card, but really, really don’t love how it looks on ME for days and days after! 🙂 Stickles would solve this problem! Thanks for this Giveaway…and for another fabulous project idea!

  7. My name is Lacie and I love glitter, lol. I don’t care how messy I have to be glitter is going on my projects. I may have to try those distress stickles they sound great.

  8. I love a little sparkle on my cards and I have to say that Stickles has changed the way I feel about the application of glitter.
    Your treat boxes are adorable!
    Thanks for the explanation about the different types of Stickles as well. I have to say that I have yet to venture away from the original.

  9. I’ve always loved glitter. I have several Stickles but I also love glitter, even if it is messy. Thanks for another adorable template. Have I mentioned how much I love your posts? Thanks, also, for the opportunity to win a giveaway.

  10. I really love glitter, but I also hate the mess! Your sticklers suggestion is a great one! I am going to have to check out the peeled paint one!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win and for the fun and free download!

  11. Adorable treat boxes! As for glitter, I love the look but hatenthatbi sparkle for days after using it because it magically multiplies and goes everywhere, regardless of how careful I am! 🙂

  12. I love glitter but I can’t stand the way I sparkle for days after using it. I usually use glitter glue so the recipient won’t glitter for days also.

  13. I love glitter. Can’t stand the mess. Stickles and glitter glues are so much more… civilized. Thanks for the review. I was not aware of the difference between Ice Stickles and the Distress version. Will definitely have to check those out. Good luck with the ALT Summit! You would fit RIGHT in!

  14. I love the look of glitter but absolutely hate the mess it makes on my craft table and sometimes on the floor (glitter somehow makes it all around my crafting space). Thanks for the chance to win some Stickles and for the template.

  15. Amber –
    I am amazed at this series that you have put together and the changes you have made in your blog. I look forward each day to reading it.
    Although I have been stamping for several years and do have a few jars of stickles, I have started using them more this year and love them. I would love to increase “my stash”!! Thanks for the chance.

  16. Those boxes are so cute! I’m a glitter lover, although I tend to use Glamour Dust mainly. It’s pretty easy to use with something like a Quickie Glue Pen so doesn’t make much mess. However my dog has occasionally had a little sparkle on him!

  17. I only have a few bottles of Stickles. I guess I need to try more and see I’d I like it. Thanks for opportunity to win!!

  18. I am pro-glitter, especially this time of year. I don’t use a lot of it on projects, but almost every project gets just a little bit. The other day I dumped 1/2 a vial of glitter in my lap as I was crafting. I carefully gathered my clothes to keep the glitter from getting on my carpet and rushed outside to shake off.
    Now my front porch sparkles with glitter and looks lovely with the Christmas lights. i may have started a new tradition 🙂

  19. I LOVE Me Some Stickles…It’s so much better than the actual glitter, but I’m a sparkly kinda girl and Glitter Bling is a must have, the mess I can do without…lol

  20. oh how I love distress stickles! that is the variety I use the most, although I do use the ‘regular’ stickles as well. plain glitter, not as much, but when I do it’s usually either the chunky variety or the glitter glass, which is so pretty.

    your little tree boxes are so cute! great idea to put the star on a toothpick. so clever!

  21. I love it all but that tree treat box is amazing i may have my daughters class to that as a projects for their parents. Thank you for sharing…

  22. I’m a lover of all things glittery- nails, shoes, eyeshadow, and then of course, on card. However, I have never used Stickles before! *gasp* Such a great giveaway!

  23. Amber, I am so with you on the Stickles. I have about 8 colors and have slowly been adding more. I’ll have to check out the peeled paint. Thanks for the envelope info on the MS scoreboard. I dindnt know about that and had a different one on my risk list. I’ll have to swap it out. TTFN!

  24. Definitely agree…love the look of glitter, and the mess of actual glitter is not even remotely worth it, so I avoid at all cost.

  25. I was a stickles critic, thinking they would just sort of look like fabric paint on my projects. But then I inherited a bunch of them, and realized the difference. Still didn’t get the idea of disress stickles, but thanks for clarifying the difference. I’ve never heard of ice stickles, but you’ve piqued my interest….. hmmm…

    (make sure you don’t include me in your draw!)

  26. Now if only glitter didn’t make such a mess I’d be all on board… just been playing with some glitter foam and that’s been fun… and some yummy May Arts glitter ribbon, that’s a good one too.

  27. I used to avoid glitter like the plague because of the mess, but then I caved because I love shiny things. I never considered stickles, but would love to give them a try!

  28. Love my bling … gotta have it!! I haven’t worked with glitter a lot due to the time and mess, but I’ve used Stickles and sparkle pens to add that touch of bling that is so near and dear to my heart.

  29. A bone folder and scoring board are definately a must for card making, couldn’t live without them! Stickles…the controlled glitter :), love it!

  30. If I could, I would give every crafter I know one of the bone folders you’re showing here! It’s the absolute best, and for those who think it can’t possibly make a difference, I promise you that it does!

  31. I love glitter from afar. I don’t like getting it on me or all over my craft room so I usually just use it around Christmas. Instead I try and use Stickles when I can because it’s so much easier and cleaner.

  32. I love glitter but hubby won’t let me play with it because it ends up everywhere. I love Stickles–Rock Candy Distress is my fave–or the “velvet technique” that Jennifer McGuire shares. Thank you for the template!

  33. What charming little treat boxes and I love how the sparkles cascade down the box 🙂 Really like a little sparkle on my projects, I tend to keep it fairly minimal though 🙂

  34. I love this adorable treat box! I really like glitter like Stickles or the Stardust glitter pens because you get the effect without the mess.

  35. I’ve been contemplating the little ms scoring board. Thanks for the push! I have a bog score pal, but the mini board seems great for on table use….thanks!!

  36. Love/hate relationship with glitter! I love glitter pens, glitter glue, but I hate the dry glitter that gets everywhere!

    And that MS scoring board is the best investment I made this year!

  37. I LOVE Stickles. After they are dry they don’t go anywhere and it’s just great. I started with one color, frosted lace, and after that I got several other colors, but I definitely need more=)

  38. What a fun post…love the treat boxes. I have only started to use stickles but this prize pack looks awesome. thanks for the chance to win.

  39. I love the treat boxes – they are sooo adorable, who cares whats in there?!? I love glitter, but what a mess. I do love me some stickles, I only wish that our local stores would stock more of a selection, can only justify to buy with a coupon. What a fab giveaway – YEA!!

  40. I don’t use a lot of glitter but when I do need a little sparkle it is usually Stickles. My favorite Stickles is Distress Rock Candy. It looks like a dusting of sugar crystals. Beautiful!

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