DIY: Start Your Stash: Day 2

November 20, 2012

A sampler of colored cardstock is a must for every craftroom. Even though I typically reach for white cardstock for most projects, colorful sheets of paper are a necessity, especially when creating accents and embellishments! Cardstock samplers are especially great for beginner crafters since you’re able to get a sense of which colors you use most. The MFT cardstock sampler is one of the most comprehensive I’ve found. It contains 29 sheets of cardstock and several shades of each color, which is perfect for creating gradients.  My favorite colors in the sampler are Lemon Drop: a fabulous vibrant yellow and Natural: a beautiful muted greige color with subtle flecks throughout.

Man. I seriously love my Fiskars Rotary Trimmer. Or should I say “trimmers.” I’ve gone through two of them! I’ve tried several paper trimmers and the Fiskars rotary is my fave. It’s really easy to get a clean cut and the rotary mechanism requires very little pressure, which I really appreciate when I have to cut 100 sheets of cardstock!  The downside to their rotary trimmers is that you do have to make sure the blade is sharp and your cutting strip is not too worn. Otherwise, you may start getting warped cuts. I usually wait for a sale at  Joann’s or Michael’s and then load up on blades and such!

Click through for today’s featured project…which includes product from My Favorite Things, and a video!!!

Double Die Cut Feature Project

Storyboard Double Die Cut Butterflies

[ylwm_vimeo height=”400″ width=”600″]53923831[/ylwm_vimeo]


MFT Heavyweight Cardstock Sampler | Hero Arts Find Joy | Versafine Onyx Ink | MFT Inspired By Stamp Set | Clear & Simple Stamps From an Anonymous Source Watermark Ink 



70 thoughts on “Start Your Stash: Day 2”

  1. Your cards are gorgeous! These items areso important. I absolutely LOVE the MFT cardstock. It’s the perfect weight for bases and it makes great cuts with dies.

    Annie Rose

  2. This mornig, I was just wondering what kind of cardstock you are using for your projects, so this post was perfect for me! Now I love to try it!! Thank you for inspiring me always with your lovely blog!!!

  3. I did exactly what you did for your pants! I have a favorite dress(it’s casual) that I like to wear but I got a couple of spots of bleach on it….so I went looking through my copic pens stash and found one close to the color of my dress and ta-dah!(I’m all happy face again!)

  4. beautiful cards…hmm…the strangest way I’ve used my craft supplies is as a door stop. I needed to prop open a door and just threw a bunch in a box! Worked quite well….

  5. Thanks for this great series! Well when it comes to my craft supplies I am very protective I never used anything in non crafty manner, maybe coz I live in Saudi and I have to buy everything internationally.

  6. Beautiful card and great video. Love the way you used the die cut to make a partial cut on each side. I’ll give that a try!
    I use markers from my scrap stash to repair old and rare books that have blemishes. I can always find a color that closely matches to book cover.

  7. Hi! LOVE your blog! I use my copic markers to touch up my 9yr old’s black shoes that get scuffed up. Also, I have glitter embossed her shoes as well when the sparkly gold glitter rubbed off the toe of her super cute flats that we got at target! My hubby thought I was nuts…but it worked!

  8. hi amber – i just found your blog via joan bardee – love it – so just subscribed in google reader so i can follow you every day. didn’t know about mft cardstock sampler but have always loved papertrey ink’s sampler.

  9. Love Fiskars cutters! Never tried MFT but will look into it since I love to hoard color cardstock.

    I too have used my markers to fix spots on clothes but also to fix scuffs on my little Sophie’s toys.

  10. I used my Crop-a-dile Big Bite to add an additional hole to my belt. Unfortunately, it was to make the belt looser not tighter!

  11. That’s a great tutorial, Amber!! These are the sorts of things that are so simple, and yet totally elude me. I totally thought you had some super complicated sandwich going on there!

    (don’t include me in your draw, because while I’d LOVE more $$ to spend on craft stuff, I certainly don’t need to… best to save it for someone who does!)

  12. Thank you for the technique and the new color “greige.”

    My strangest use of my crafting supplies. Did you know that Staz-on is great for scuffed black shoes. In a pinch, a girl on her way to an interview will do just about anything 🙂

  13. I used Adirondack color wash spray on my blue jeans that had a faded color spot on one leg. I dabbed on the color and heat set it in, It was a pretty good fix all in all. lol!

  14. I know I’ve done silly/crazy things with craft supplies … but my brain refuses to remember them right now. Could it be cuz they didn’t work … or is it cuz it’s normal for me to do these things so I don’t think of it as being crazy or unique? I’m just too creative for my own good. Love your stuff, Amber!

  15. I know I’ve used my supplies in weird ways before, but for some reason I can’t think of an example! As a side note, Cheryl B’s comment had me cracking up! “I used my Crop-a-dile Big Bite to add an additional hole to my belt. Unfortunately, it was to make the belt looser not tighter!” Ha!

  16. Oh my gosh, markers to cover bleach stains on pants and scuffs on shoes? ALL THE TIME. And my heat gun for embossing to melt wax dripped onto a jacket.

    I love @Felicia’s idea of using glue dots to make quick accessories for my daughter. I’m going to try that tomorrow!

  17. Beautiful card! Love the partial die cutting. Thanks for sharing the technique.

    I’ve not used my craft supplies in any other way besides crafting.

  18. I used a piece of foam coreboard as a valance. I have a small window in the kitchen, needed something that I could mount right at the top of the casing and that would lay flat, gathering on a rod is not the look I wanted. Took my $50 valance (from JCP clearance – $8)centered the valance, wrapped around foamboard and used straight pins across the back to hold into place. Cut velcro (just be sure to add plenty to hold into place), added to back of valance and to window frame – Perfect! Looks like a custom made window dressing for $8, some straight pins and velcro. Amber love your cards, your work is also so beautiful.

  19. I love these two cards. I’ve already tried this technique once and I really liked it. Well I used non craft thing for crafting – I’ve used a pen for nails (for french manicure) and I wrote with him on the paper because I didn’t have any white pen(s). 🙂

  20. I use straight pins and put a clear sticky dot to help get my die cuts out of my dies. I have an actual tool for that but sometimes that just works better

  21. Paper trimmers have been tricky for me.I hate to count all the different ones I have tried. Always good to have a good recogmendation.

  22. Wow I can’t wait to try this card over the Thanksgiving weekend. Love it. By the way, I am loving the new site too. Thanks for the opportunity to win a MFT gift certificate too.

  23. It’s funny that you mentioned about touching up a spot with a Copic because just yesterday my teenage ds asked me for a blue Sharpie. When I asked him why, he said he had to color in some spots on one of his favorite shirts. Guess he was thinking the same thing!

  24. Great cards & video! I haven’t used my supplies in any strange way … unless you count hoarding them instead of using them. I am trying to stop that trend. LOL

  25. Thanks for the video. I love the look of those cards. I used some cardstock as a shim to hold the sunglass holder in my car closed after the clasp broke off. It’s still there I must admit.

  26. I need to try this cardstock! I have a similar Fiskars trimmer already and love it. Thanks for the video on the die cutting – I need to try that soon!

  27. I haven’t tried MFT cardstock, I use Neenah Solar white and also Via Vellum Kraft – I get these in A3 sheets and cut them down to size with a big rotary trimmer which was given to my by my photographer brother when he went overseas. Cannot do without it!

  28. I’ve done the same thing with a sharpee on black pants! I’ve also used washi tape to help hold a fallen hem until I can sew it. Thanks for your blog. I anxiously wait for the next post. Love your tips and projects.

  29. I have done exactly the same thing with markers to fix pants and shoes! Also, I have a Cricut spatula that I actually use to peel apart cards that are crooked or need ribbon added rather than it’s intended use. My husband bought it for me for Christmas and called it a “fixer”. Occassionally he’s brilliant!

  30. BTW, you don’t have to have your butterfly dangling off the edge of your cutting plate. I find it easier to just put the paper and die in the middle, and put the pressure plate (the top layer) just up to the painters’ tape line. (I love painters tape too and use it all the time. Also to mask off areas for sponging and such).

  31. Haha….good old Copics! I’ve used scor-tape to hem my son’s pants that we had to buy a couple hours before a concert. Lesson learned….check the length of dress pants after a summer growth spurt!

  32. I’m sure there is something crazier, but I’ve used my markers to touch up chips in a wood piece of furniture. I’ve also used them to help me put outfits together…sometimes when I come up with a color combo I love while crafting, it makes me think of clothing I have and I start to wonder whether or not I can combine those colors to make an outfit.

  33. humm… good question, strangest way I used my craft supplies… I’m drawing a blank really. When my son decided to step in an inky pad and then walk all over the carpet, that was not my favorite way to use a craft supply.

  34. having trouble thinking of anything original and different that I’ve done w craft supplies, but I HAVE used the Crop-o-dile to add extra notches to my belts and markers to cover skuff marks on my heels of shoes … Lovin’ the collection of tips you’ve pulled together – thanx for the inspiration and blog candy opp!

  35. Love using coloured cardstock both for card bases and as accents.I have not used my supplies that unusually but once my son needed to make a diorama of a toucan so we made his branch with my woodgrain embossing folder.

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