Holiday: Sassy Tee Gift Ideas

November 30, 2015

Sassy Tees Holiday Gifts

Sassy tees are my new favorite. They are everywhere, but only the great ones have made it into today’s post. If you have a sassy someone on your gift giving list, I can promise they’ll love you for gifting one of these.

one | The closest I’ll ever come to being a rapper is if someone drops a sick beat and  I spit some lines of Cat in the Hat. Or maybe The Wheels on the Bus. Napping though? Napping? That I can get behind. I can literally take a nap at any time and in any place. I am not picky. The only thing better than this tee would be a tee with my favorite nap-lover saying: “A day without a nap is crap.”  For now I’ll be a Gangsta Napper.

two | Now this one is a tee for kids but I had to include it because I am obsessed! For obvious reasons. This tee sums up everything I my life right now. Milk and juice are integral components of raising a one year old. Milk, juice and unfettered access to graham crackers.

three | The second I saw this one I had to have! I will forever be a fan of snark and this tee is as snarky as they come. In this time of giving and kindness, I can appreciate a little sassy take on the spirit of the season. Not that I would actually suggest following the suggestion of the shirt, but hopefully it gets a few laughs!

four | I’m pretty sure that this is what I’ll be wearing on Christmas Day. That way my intentions are clear and there’s no confusion when I for that third slice of pie (after a nap of course…see #1). I’ve already snagged a bunch of these tees as gifts for my carb loving friends. You should probably grab a few too.

five | Sassy pants!!! How could I do a gift guide of sassy tees without a tee about sassy pants. I want to wear this tee every single day. Fortunately, it’s available in a bunch of colors.

You really can’t go wrong with these tees. Roll ’em up and use them as stocking stuffers. Or just hoard them for yourself. I won’t tell.

Now, I’d LOVE to hear your sassy tee suggestions. Link to them in the comments or better yet, tell me your ideas for what sassy tee YOU would create for yourself

3 thoughts on “Sassy Tee Gift Ideas”

  1. I just discovered thug life shirts. I love just about all of them! Lol. I want the one that says, I want to be Felicia because she is always going somewhere.

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