Behind The Scenes: The Mystery Box Sale is Back!

August 22, 2014


UPDATE: All Mystery Boxes have been sold! Keep scrolling though because there are still several stamp sets that are available and ready for a new home!

The craft room is in the middle of a serious overhaul which means there are a buttload of brand new and very gently used crafting supplies that need a new home!

It’s time for a Mystery Box Sale! If you’ve been around for these, you know how it works. I pack up a big ‘ol box filled to the brim with awesome supplies and send them off to you. This time around, each box has been packed up with lots of love and even more crafty goodness. Each box contains about $250 worth of supplies and they can be yours for $39 , shipped! Keep scrolling for all the details.


IMG_2822 Untitled-3Untitled-4…and there’s more!! I also clearing out a ton of my stamp sets and dies from Papertrey Ink. These are sets that just aren’t getting much use. These are priced to move! The condition of the stamp sets varies, so read the descriptions to get an idea of what you’re getting. I’ve made an effort to note any staining on the stamps, but all stamps are very much usable! The sets are packaged in CD cases, some of which are cracked.

Keep in mind:

  • descriptions are my best attempt at giving you an accurate expectation of the condition
  • descriptions only describe stamps, not the CD case
  • shipping is $1.50 per stamp set
  • if you purchase multiple sets, they will all be shipped together


  • Send an email to damaskloveblog{at}gmail{dot}com stating the stamp set(s) you wish you purchase
  • I will respond with availability,  confirm your order and send an invoice
  • Once payment is received, the stamps are all yours and will be on their way within 48 hours.


  • On My Couch: light  staining on two images, the rest unused


9 thoughts on “The Mystery Box Sale is Back!”

  1. Amber, thanks so much for sharing your goodies!! I can’t wait to see and play with the mystery box!!! Yay i’m excited

  2. In case anyone is wondering, these boxes are awesome! I’ve purchased 1 each time Amber has done this and have been very happily surprised with the goodies I’ve gotten. I really, really want to purchase 1 now but am totally overwhelmed with supplies. Nothing like some happy mail and a good mystery box to make you smile!i

  3. Hi 🙂

    If you ever host an event like this for your international readers please let us know, I’d be happy to pay for the shipping.

    Love your Blog 🙂

  4. Thank you Amber for sharing your goodies with us! I can’t wait to get the stamps I purchased!! I hope some of your awesome style and creativity sneaks along in the package too!!

  5. Just opened mine. I felt like a kid at Christmas! Too fun, thank you Amber. I even recognized a few items from past projects – so cool!

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