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April 5, 2013



You know how the old saying goes, right? “One can never have too many sketching apps on her iPad.”

Ok – so maybe there is no “old saying” to that effect, but I do think it’s true. Sometimes when you wanna be crafty on the go, scribbling out a few ideas is the best way to go. A few weeks ago, I gave you a review of Paper 53, an awesome and beautiful app that perfect for drawing and sketching ideas.  Today I’ve got another app to share with you that is another great option for sketching on the go.




Unlike Paper 53, Noteshelf organizes your notebooks onto a shelf, making it easy to see everything at once. Aesthetically, this is very pretty and functionally, it’s great to have access to all your books at once without scrolling back and forth to find something. Must Have Craft Apps: Noteshelf | Damask Love Blog



The options available through Noteshelf make it especially fun to use and pretty to look at. For $0.99 each, you can purchase different cover collections that will help you customize your library. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, it’s much easier to find what your looking for when there are visual differences from one notebook to the next.  Of course, the downside is the cost. At $0.99 each, you can easily increase the overall price of this app to over $15…which is pricey for an app, if you ask me. Must Have Craft Apps: Noteshelf | Damask Love Blog

In addition to cover options, you can also customize the paper inside your notebooks. Since I do a lot of drawing, I often opt for blank or graph pages. Noteshelf also offers lots of productivity papers, though. Checklist formats for lists, grocery charts and pages designed for scheduling. Must Have Craft Apps: Noteshelf | Damask Love Blog

Ahhh…the pens. I love them so much. So many of them to look at and so many colors. For us crafty folk, these are so much fun to work with. Each palette of pens offers a wide range of weights so you can choose just how broad you want your strokes to be.  There is also a “Type” tool which is great for when you don’t have a stylus handy. The Type tool is something that Paper 53 does not offer. Must Have Craft Apps: Noteshelf | Damask Love Blog



For me, sketching is pretty much how I always get my blog posts done. Matter of fact, I seldom sit down to the craft table without a sketch already done. I find that I’m more productive that way…and lots less frustrated! Here’s a sample of how I went from sketch to post when creating these keep in touch kits for Alt Summit.
Must Have Craft Apps: Noteshelf | Damask Love Blog

Must Have Craft Apps: Noteshelf | Damask Love Blog




6 thoughts on “Must Have Craft Apps: Noteshelf”

    1. Thanks for taking time to read! With readers like you, I’d just be hanging out talking to myself on the internet…and that’s not cool at all! My stylus is a pretty inexpensive one that I picked up from Brookstone. It has two tips to it, a broad one and a finer one. I’d like to upgrade at some point but I haven’t gotten around to it.

    1. Hi Gaby! I am not sure if it’s available for Android but I’m sure you could find something very similar. The app store for Android typically has tons of options for similar apps. Good luck and happy crafting!

  1. Great review, Amber – looks very useable 🙂
    Thank you, Sue – you asked the very same question I was going to!

  2. I absolutely love this one. I’ve been using Remarks for note taking and Paper for just drawing/sketching but Noteshelf takes the cake! I love all the color options . I neeeeed colors! Thanks for sharing!

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