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April 12, 2013

Must Have Craft Apps: iFontMaker | Damask Love BlogPoor Arial. Poor Times Roman. There was a time when those two had the font game on lock. They were the first and second in command…unless of course, it was 3am and you were two pages shy of the 20 page minimum requirement for your Spanish term paper on the modern day implications of Don Quixote…for example. In that case? Courier. Every time.

Things have changed. If I was writing that term paper today, you’d best believe I would turn it in using a font that I created myself using iFontMaker. (Not really. Pretty sure that gets you nothing more than a big, juicy F and a thoroughly annoyed professor).

So, while I don’t suggest this app for academic papers, I do think it’s awesome for everything else.

Must Have Craft Apps: iFontMaker | Damask Love Blog

Must Have Craft Apps: iFontMaker | Damask Love Blog{1} All of your font creating will happen under the “Glyphs” tab where you’ll design each piece of your font, one at a time.

{2} Once your font is complete, you’ll tap the share button to publish it to the iFontMaker site, where you can download it and use it for word processing and design work.

{3} The Text button allows you to select which font you would like to use as an “example font.” More on that later.

{4} Select the brush tool when you are ready to create the strokes for your letters. This tool enables you to start drawing your letters

{5} The “Select” tool allows you to tap and select portions of your letter and edit or move them. For example, let’s say that you draw a “B” but the vertical line is too short. Click the select tool, select that vertical line and make it a bit longer.

{6} The direct select tool allows you to tap and select a segment of your stroke and edit it. For example, Β with this tool you can select a single point within a stroke and pull it out to create a curve in the line.

{7} The pen tool is what you’ll use to write. You can select from four pens: calligraphy, ballpoint, pencil and line tool.

{8} The “Copy/Paste” tool comes in handy for selecting portions of a letter or the entire letter and reusing them later. For example, the letters “b” and “p” have similar shapes and for the sake on consistency in your font, you may want to keep the same “o” shape in both letters. To do this, tap and select the “o” stroke from “b”…copy it… then paste it for the letter “p”.

{9} Undo tool…you’ll be happy it’s there!

{10} The arrow button simply allows you to move on to the next glyph in the font sequence.

Must Have Craft Apps: iFontMaker | Damask Love BlogExample fonts can be very helpful. They provide guides that you can trace as you move from letter to letter. Just select which font you’d like to use as your example, and you’ll have no trouble getting consistent shapes throughout your font collection

Must Have Craft Apps: iFontMaker | Damask Love BlogAnd once you’ve got the hand of it…you’ll have made your first font in no time! Here’s a look at my first font! It’s simple with cute little curls on the ends of the letters.

Must Have Craft Apps: iFontMaker | Damask Love Blog

Must Have Craft Apps: iFontMaker | Damask Love BlogOk…so now you have a font and you’ve downloaded it to your computer. Now what?!

What if you used your new font to create a cute monogram?

Must Have Craft Apps: iFontMaker | Damask Love BlogThis is my imaginary letter to Martha Stewart! I took my font and created a simple monogram. Then I added a hand-drawn laurel wreath that I created with the Paper 53 app, which I reviewed a few weeks ago! Together they make the perfect header for digital stationery!

As crafters, we are always looking to give handmade gifts and cards. With this approach, you can send something handmade right over your email! Every element of this letter was created with my own two hands, right down to the signature!

Must Have Craft Apps: iFontMaker | Damask Love Blog

12 thoughts on “Must Have Craft Apps: iFontMaker”

  1. aarrrgggghhhhhh – I hate Apple and have avoided EVERYTHING with an “i” in front but this ap, if I can’t find an non “i” version may just be the thing that makes me buy and ruddy ipad!

  2. I love your letter to Martha! Please invite me once you’re settled in. πŸ™‚ I want, want, want to poke my nose in the drawers of amazing-ness of Martha’s craft room! πŸ™‚

  3. this app is the best ever! I downloaded it yesterday and today I have four different new fonts in my computer, all with my handwriting! it’s amazing, I finally have that perfect font! πŸ˜‰ thanks, I have one question. How can I use this font in my blog? Thanks again.

    1. Do you want to use it as the main font for all of your blog text? I am not sure how to do that. If you want to use it for design and graphics, that’s very easy!

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