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March 30, 2013

Must Have Craft Apps: Houzz | Damask Love Blog

You know all those photos on Pinterest of beautiful homes, amazing landscapes and kitchens fit for royalty? Chances are those images came from Houzz. Houzz is the number one, most popular home decor site on the web.

P.S. I totally just made up that last sentence. I have no idea how popular Houzz is. I love it though. You should love it too.

HelloMyNameIsHouzzYou can browse the photos and articles available on Houzz through your desktop browser, but I actually find that I prefer using it on my iPad and Android phone. The photos are amazingly beautiful and crisp, and the app is super easy to navigate and well categorized.

For crafty folk like you and me, Houzz has endless inspiration. Even though it is not technically an app for “crafters” – I’ve use it daily to get ideas about combining color, textures and patterns.

When you open your Houzz app, head over to the Ideabooks tab where you’ll find great tutorials and articles about crafts, DIY & home decor. If you’re a chronic DIY-er like me, you’ll probably end up adding some projects to your “to-do list” after browsing these sections.

Must Have Craft Apps: Houzz Navigate | Damask Love Blog


Must Have Craft Apps: Houzz | Damask Love BlogUnder the “Photos” tab, you’ll find approximately twenty-‘leven buh-jillion photos of living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, gardens…you get the point. For me, home decor photos are a HUGE inspiration for crafting and Houzz offers an endless supply.

For example, these two photos are chock-full of awesome. Those gold tufted ottomans? The colors in that striped rug? Yes, ma’am. Gracias, Houzz.

Must Have Craft Apps: Houzz | Damask Love BlogOh…and if you really wanna “up” the drool-factor, go ahead and search “Craft room” or “Craft” while looking in the “Photos” section. You’ll find some craft rooms that’ll make you want to give up groceries and go on an all-ramen diet.

Must Have Craft Apps: Houzz | Damask Love Blog


4 thoughts on “Must Have Craft Apps: Houzz”

  1. Hear, hear hear – Houzz is fantastic šŸ™‚ I have been “stalking” this site for about a year now, and I totally agree the App is top notch šŸ™‚

  2. I just found Houzz last night while looking for paint information. Now I will get the app! Thanks. I’ve been meaning to ask….how many hours in the day do you have in Florida? You must have more than 24 because I am amazed at all you do. Wow. Have loved your site and work since I found it earlier last year.

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