Behind The Scenes: Making it to your Airwaves

September 8, 2015

BlogHSNYou just never know when great things are going to happen. You work hard and hope that goodness comes your way. And then it does, in the most unexpected way possible.

Back in June, I was heading out to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend my beloved Altitude Summit blogger conference. Alt Summit has always been a great way for me to network and meet new friends, all in the name of growing my blog. Well, this past June it just so happened that my trip to SLC coincided with a very important meeting at American Crafts…a meeting that would put me in front of some really awesome people from HSN (Home Shopping Network). American Crafts and HSN were looking for a new face to go on air and share all the exciting new product coming out with all you crafty viewers. Little did I know, HSN is the biggest on air venue for craft product sales. Who knew?!   Well, let me tell you something friends – if ever there was a person who could get excited about crafts…that person is your’s truly, especially when those crafts come from WRMK, a brand that I’ve loved and featured on this here blog for a long, long time.

So here we are months later and I can finally let the glitter out of the bag. Starting today, you’ll be seeing a new mug on HSN…mine. I’m joining the American Crafts and We R Memory Keepers family to bring you really fun crafty products that you are gonna love. I get to go on-air and talk about crafts. Yeah. Pinch me. I’d be full of sh….sugar….if I said I wasn’t nervous. It is live after all, but thankfully I’ve got some good friends who have been showing me the ropes.

If you’re near a computer or television today, you can tune in and see me along with a long line up of other crafty ladies who will share some great new goodies. …and since I love you, I’m gonna give you the jump on what I’ll be showing today!

As you know, the designer at WRMK are pretty much geniuses – need I remind you about the 1-2-3 Punch Board? Well, those smarty pants have done it again with a collection of pop-up dies! Yep – you heard me. Pop-up, people! And one of the pop up dies is a birthday cake, so obviously I’m obsessed. There is also the gift bag pop-up and the file folder. When I got these dies in my hot little hands, I played for hours! Here’s a peek at the birthday cake die – prepare yourself for the cuteness (and if you need a refresher on basic die cutting, just visit Craft 101. I’ve got you.)

[ylwm_vimeo height=”466″ width=”700″ ]138584230[/ylwm_vimeo]

Alrighty, sisterfriends! Wish me luck and I’ll see you soon. (P.S. be sure to follow damasklove on Periscope! I just did two videos yesterday and they’ll be available for another few hours before they disappear into the internets).




25 thoughts on “Making it to your Airwaves”

  1. I’ve been loving’ your blog because you are awesome! Your personality comes through so well in your blog, so I can only imagine how good you are going to be on TV! My TV is on and I’m ready! Just be yourself! You’re gonna be a HUGE hit!

    1. this is such great feedback! I’m so happy to hear that you get a sense of who I am by reading the blog. Things went pretty well and I can’t wait to be back on air!

  2. What a nice surprise to see you on HSN today! You did a great job, hope to see lots more of you. Good luck on your new venture!

  3. Fantastic news. Congrats. Wish I could watch but am on the other side of the big pond. Wish you so much success. I love your blog and your positivity!

  4. Oh my gosh! I had to work today and just saw this post. I always record all HSN craft shows so I went and found yours. You totally ROCKED it sisterfriend! I have been a fan of yours for a while. And now I get to see you on HSN! How exciting for you – and for us!!! I hope to see you on the Oct. 7th HSN Craft Day! 🙂

    1. Phew! Thank so much. I was a NERVOUS WRECK! With a few more times on air I think I’ll feel more comfortable. So glad that you think it went well. And, yes! I’ll totally be on the HSN 24 Craft Day!

  5. UGH why didn’t I see this earlier? Amber, I really mean it when I say this is just the beginning. You are going places girl. Not sure where, but I love watching! Congrats!!

  6. I watch you on HSN yesterday with my sister and we were so excited for you! We keep telling everyone “that’s our friend on TV”! We just looked at each other and laughed because we have never met you, but isn’t funny how you can connect to someone blog, know a little about their lives and feel you know that person or want to know them more like it? We defiantly consider you a true friend and we both stick by that 100%. Great job by the way, can’t wait to see you next time.

    1. Um – we are totally friends. Every person who reads this blog and follows this journey is a friend of mine. Period. You guys let me tell long rambling stories, share my excitements and craft with me… that is pretty much the best friend I could ask for. So yes, you and your sister are friends. I can’t wait to hang out with you again soon, LOL! (P.S. 24 hour craft day is coming up on October 7th so I hope you’ll be there!)

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