Behind The Scenes: Head of the Class 03: Craft Organization

February 18, 2015


At this point, I consider myself a bit of a craft organization guru. After assembling a craft closet and craft room that works for me and Markus, I think I’ve testing out every single organizational solution on earth. So here are a few of my must haves:

1. These drawers are super sturdy which means you can pull them out without working about them warping or cracking. The Large Drawers are great for holding stamp sets as well as inkpads. If you take a look at my craftroom post, you’ll see exactly how I put them to use in my Martha Stewart Craft Hutch.

2. I search high and low for these babies. If you are a stamper, you are all too familiar with the never-ending plight of decent storage for your stamp sets. These storage pockets are perfect for smaller 4×6 sets but what about those larger stamp sets? Welp, problem solved. These 6×9 poly envelopes are great for larger sets like this one from Wplus9.

3. Life without a label maker is no life at all. Ever since I picked up this one, I’ve been labeling ever damn thing in sight. No kidding. Curl up with a good movie and get to it. Is that a pathetic way to spend your Friday night?

4. Clear top tins are a great way to organize your little odds and ends. I have a bunch of them filled with eyelets, paper clips, safety pins, sequins and all the other randoms that we crafty people seem to acquire. These tins come in a variety of sizes, so just pick whatever works for your drawer space. You can even store them vertically like I did in this project.

5. Do you own more ribbon spools than you have fingers and toes? Yes? Then you should get some of these. These drawers hold tons of large ribbon spools as you can see in this post, and they are also perfect for organizing envelopes too. You can stack them easily as well, which is a great plus!

Now go forth and organize!

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