DIY: Head of the Class 02: Valentine Crafting

January 30, 2015



Of all the crafting holidays, Valentine’s Day is my favorite. It’s probably because I can force feed lots of pink and red upon everyone around me and there is nothing they can do about it. I also love that everything is unapologetically heart-shaped this time of year. Some may find it obnoxious, but for me – it’s a wonderland of awesome. There are a few items that I especially love to craft with this time of year:

1. I’ve used this heart confetti punch all over Damask Love – most recently HERE. It’s one of my go-to supplies for lovey-dovey projects. The heart shapes measure about 1/4″ and 1/3″ inches which makes them perfectly sized for itty bitty embellishing. You can also go nuts and punch a ton of heart shaped confetti from glitter paper and fill up an envelope for a friend. There is also THIS confetti punch that punches anywhere on the page making it great for creating pretty card fronts.

2. If your crafting calls for a larger heart shape, the Fiskars Amore punch is a must have. The punch is available in 1″ medium,  1.5″ large and 2″ extra large sizes, and if you’re anything like me, you probably need them all! I love the curve of this heart shape compared to the other heart punches I’ve seen. It’s a tad more sophisticated and works beautifully year-round on handmade stationery like this. I guess you can tell I’m  a die-hard crafter when I start rambling about the “curve” of a heart shaped punch! Guilty as charged.

3. What is Valentine’s Day without a big ol’ box of chocolates – so why not make one! I’m a little obsessed with paper mache boxes (proof HERE and HERE) and the heart shaped ones are just to cute for words. I especially love this 9″ paper mache heart box that is just screaming to be filled with homemade chocolate and decked out with some crafty DIY love. I’m thinking you could snag a bunch of these and host a “Box of Chocolates” crafting party with your friends or with your kids. Toss out a bunch of crafting supplies and let everyone add their own spin.

4. Heart shaped glitter? Um, yes por favor. I make so apologies for my love of glitter. I have a long standing love affair with the stuff and we are Facebook official. It’s my personal belief that every crafter should own as much glitter as humanly possible and at any given moment during the day, you should find flecks of glitter on your clothing, face, bedding, spouse, etc. Then, and only then, have you joined the highest ranks of crafterdom. With that in mind, go ahead and invest in this heart shaped stuff... it’s even available in iridescent colors! It’s just so doggone pretty and a Valentine’s Day must have.

5. If roses aren’t your thing, here’s another type of petal that will make your Valentine’s Day a beautiful one. Petal envelopes are sort of like the Beyonce of stationery. Petal envelopes look down at all the other envelopes and say “Why are you so regular? You need to work a little bit harder to be awesome.” These envies are great for packaging up gift cards – or you could grab a bunch and create a little “How do I love you?” garland with little love notes inside each one. You can even DIY your own petal envelopes! Who runs the world? Petal envelopes.

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