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July 10, 2015

Damask Loves:: Crafting KitsDid you get in on yesterday’s convo? We are quite the chatty bunch and I feel like I got to get to know you guys a little better! Based on your comments, we can all agree that there is a serious makers movement happening these days and we all want to get in on it!

When it comes to making, there is a good chance that I am you very biggest cheerleader. I love nothing more than getting people excited about crafting and creativity. I want to help you make. I want to help you see that’s there are lots of doable possibilities. I want to help you spend all your money on crafting supplies. I’m here to help, friends. Your craft stash will thank me. Your wallet will not.

One of the very best ways to get your creative mojo going is a good ‘ol craft kit.  My first craft kit was a weaving kit that my mom got me when I was six or seven. It came with this square thing and a bunch of elastic loop things. You could make potholders with it. It made the ugliest potholders I’ve ever seen…but dammit, I was a potholder-makin’ machine. Every one got a potholder. It was like that episode of Oprah when everyone got a car. You get a potholder! You get a potholder! Except for one crucial detail – everyone wants a car. Basically no one wants a potholder. No one.

Craft kits have come a long way. Thankfully. Now you can get cool craft kits that make things that people actually want. I’ve rounded up five of my favorite. So here we go…let’s kit crafting (get it?!)

1. Paper Source is probably the best place to get craft kits. They make awesome kits. They have kits for making giant flowers, bicycle garlands, photo booth props… they even have a kit for creating marbled paper. My current fave is the nautical garland. So summery. So cute. So easy to make. Having used many Paper Source kits in my day, I can attest to the fact that they are easy to use and save tons of time. As much as I love crafting, I have exactly zero interest in wasting my life cutting out a slew of paper anchors by hand. I have more important things to do. Like research the best way to get gold foil to stick to leather. We can all agree that gold foil on leather is of great import, right?

2. Now that I am a mom, my life is pretty much spent thinking of “what can I do to entertain this child, keep him occupied and avoid injurious accidents like falling off the couch or climbing over the baby gate I’m totally speaking hypothetically, people (yeah, right). Once Markus is old enough, I plan on buying stock in these kind of crafting kits. You can paint your own vase...paint your own bowl…whatever you do, just don’t paint my walls or my rugs. In my limited experience, I find that you’re better off giving the kids something they CAN paint rather than playing police and keeping the paint off important household item…like the couch.

3. Okay – I’m gonna say this once and I’m not gonna say it again. I am obsessed with Chelsea from Lovely Indeed. There I said it. I won’t repeat it lest I sound like I’m gonna Single White Female her. She crafty and cute and we share the same sassy sense of humor. Oh – and our babies were born a week apart. She’s basically the West Coast version of me – except way cooler and with way better ukelele skills. Anywoo- Chels (yeah, I’ll call her that cause we’re homies) has a really cute tote bag kit available with Darby Smart and I love it. Because I love tote bags. I love donut totes. I love blingy totes. I love totes that say Summer So Hard. Get you one.

4. Be still my marbled clay loving heart. Oh – you don’t love marbled clay? Well, we’re about to change that right now. Brit Kits are awesome, but I love this one best. It’s easy and in the end you will have the coolest jewelry trays in all the land. You should get started on these because all your friends are going to want one.

5. Last but not least – a little shameless plug. Because I have no shame. None. If you are a paper crafter or wish you were, go ahead and get the Gelatos Cardmaking Kit. I may or may not have designed the whole thing…so, yeah…get it. The kit includes preprinted material for your cards along with photo tutorials on several gelato techniques. I’m pretty proud of it. I might have taken a picture with it when I say it on shelves at Michaels. Like I said: no shame.

Do you have any favorite craft kits!? Tell me about them – I love to hear about your favorites and since I’m always on the hunt for ways to bring friends into the crafting fold, I would love to know what kits I should suggest to them!

5 thoughts on “Damask Loves::Crafting Kits”

  1. I LOVE your Gelatos kit! It is almost sold out at Amazon!
    Congrats on your accomplishment!
    I also love the clay jewelry trays. I might have to try my hand at those
    Fun topic today
    Congrats, again

  2. Amber, you continue to a-maze me!! Wow, making the gelato’s kit was a great idea. Will be hitting Michaels soon for that. Wow, wow, wow.

  3. Shut up!!! I love those pot holders. I wish I knew someone that would make me some. Interested??? LOVE your blog, you make me happy.

  4. Oh yes – the potholders! I forgot about those… LOL Thanks for the kit ideas and congratulations on the one you designed! I’ll look for that at Michael’s.

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