DIY: Damask Loves Zazzle

December 18, 2015


Don’t be frazzled – add some razzle dazzle with zazzle.

Okay. I’ve been wanting to type that all day and now I’ve got it out my system. Thanks for putting up with me!

Recently, I’ve been a on a big kick when it comes to creating customized gifts and such. It all boils down to the fact that I just can’t find certain things out there – which means I’ve gotta make them! Zazzle is quickly become one of my favorite places to snag custom goods because there really isn’t much that they can’t customize. You can make a shower curtain for crying out loud! Sidenote: I would love nothing more than for one of you to create a selfie shower curtain.  I will love you for life. In the meantime, check out these other non-shower curtain faves!

  1. Stop checking your reflection in your phone, okay? Invest in a custom compact mirror…it’s much cuter and you can customize it to say anything you want. Like this one, which I love!
  2. You. Guys! This tote is everything I ever need in my entire life. The Eurythmics meets…uh…cheese? Yup. This sums up everything I love. Zazzle makes it super easy to create your own tote or you can just sit back and let the pros design something amazing like this one! All I can say about that tote is, kale yeah!
  3. I’ve been jonesing over custom fabric since this post. You can seriously make any fabric you want, friends…even fabric covered in photos of your face! You can also check out a ton of predesigned fabrics which take out all the guess work. Stay tuned for a fabric project featuring some of the trendiest images of 2015.
  4. It took me a while to realize that paper plates were an option on Zazzle but once I did there was no stopping me! Your friends will be so impressed with your attention to detail when you show up with personalized plates. Or, if you’re like me, you can just slap your smiling face onto a plate and gift them to every unsuspecting person you know!
  5. Be honest – this mug is everything. As a serious lover of the snark, I can’t pretend to not love this mug mostly because it reminds me that you can use Zazzle to customize your items in any way you want…even if it’s a little PG-13. I opted for a little more family friendly customization when I created these hot cocoa kits but you can get as wild as you want. So now tell me…what are you gonna Zazzle?

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1 thought on “Damask Loves Zazzle”

  1. LOL – Love the tote – and the coffee mug! What a cool site! You’re right – they do everything! Thank you for sharing Zazzle!

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