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September 11, 2015

WeRMemoryKeepersNothing says “I love crafting” like doing it at 6am on live television. That was the pinnacle of this week when I started the newest part of my journey by joining the We R Memory Keepers & American Crafts family as their on-air rep for HSN. I don’t want to make it a big deal, but if I’m being honest, it does feel like a big deal. It’s feels like a step in the right direction. It feels like proof that hard work pays off. And one of the best parts is that it’s totally authentic. When WRMK approached me about this gig, it was easy to say yes. It was easy to know that I could talk about WRMK and mean it. I’ve been using their tools for years to make notebooks, envelopes, pillow boxes and lots more. It’s not like they were asking me to get on television and sell Hammer pants and scrunchies. Ever since being on HSN, I’ve had a bunch of people ask me if I really am as excited as I appear on television. The answer? Hell, yes. I am 100% a believer in getting people to tap into their creative side and I am 100% a believer in WRMK. I love their goods and will happily talk about them on every channel that will let me. And with that, I’m compelled to share some of my top WRMK faves…and not one of them is a pair of Hammer pants. Lucky you.

  1. I am the worlds biggest cynic about…well…about most everything, but especially crafting tools. You think that it’s all “the greatest thing since sliced bread” and then you get ’em and it’s all “this thing sucks worse than that time they tried to make Crystal Pepsi happen.” Well, rest assured, the WRMK Fuse tool does not suck. I got it a few weeks ago and as soon as it arrived, I played with it for 3 hours. No kidding. I don’t even like scrapbooking but I still love this thing! Check out the HSN bundle for the Fuse. It comes with everything you need to get crafting. You can literally sit down with this bundle and craft your life away. Your kids might complain about being hungry, but just tell them you’re busy Fusin’ and point them in the direction of the Pop Tarts.
  2. Ever since I discovered the Magnetic Tri-Fold Crafting Mat from WRMK, I’ve never looked back. I even featured it in this post about how to create a craftroom in a box! This mat folds up for easy storage and the magnetic ruler comes in handy because, I have personally gone through at least 1.7 billion rulers in my lifetime and the only one I have not lost is this one. I lose rulers like most people lose bobby pins.
  3. Okay. So I was so not into this rolling tote until I got my hands on one and in all seriousness you should probably throw out all of your luggage and replace it with the WRMK Rolling Tote. The outside is cute but the inside is killing it. There are so many pockets and places to hide snacks, that you won’t know what to do with yourself! It just keeps going and going and going. The Energizer bunny would be proud.
  4. Well, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t give a hefty plug to the dies I launched on Tuesday on HSN. The new pop up dies are just plain awesome. You’ve probably already seen the Birthday Cake Pop Up that I posted earlier this week, but you must also check out the accordion folder. While I was sharing these dies on Periscope, someone mentioned how great the accordion die would be for all you planner loving babes. Yes. Yes. YES! What a great idea. Create a little mini pop-out file folder to organize all the stickers and doo dads that go into your planner. Such a great die and such a great way to use it.
  5. Oh, my beloved Banner Punch Board. You don’t even know how much you love banners until you sit down with this baby and start the making. You’ll be making banners every night to just say, “Dear Husband, Please Take Out the Trash.” And he’ll do it on the spot. Because you made a banner to remind him. So yeah, get you a banner punch board. It’s so much fun and your trash will get taken out. Need I say more?

Your turn. Tell me about your favorite WRMK products! Did you order anything this week during the HSN craft hours? Inquiring minds want to know!


8 thoughts on “Damask Loves:: We R Memory Keepers”

  1. Great picks!!! My favorite tools are the Template Studio, Envelope Punch board, the Fuse and anything else that WRMK makes!! LOL!

  2. Congratulations – I am so excited for you to be on HSN for WRMK… however, this might be a problem for me…When WRMK launched the Fuse bundle on HSN I looked away saying – I don’t need that. I have plenty of craft tools – blah blah blah… So last night I watched your recorded HSN show from 9/9 when you presented this tool. I might just have to have it now! So I go from “I don’t need this” to “I really want this” all because of your presentation! LOL
    You really are a natural on HSN – if I didn’t know it was your first week I would never have guessed.
    I really like WRMK and have many of their Lucky 8 punches, the mini 8 punch & straight edge punch combos, the original envelope punch board, the new envelope punch board & banner punch board combo… You could say I have a thing for anything that punches… 🙂

  3. Well, Amber, it feels like a big deal because it IS a BIG DEAL. Congratulations! I have always wondered if the people selling craft stuff on those shopping channels really knew anything about what they were selling. Glad they are putting someone with your craft experience and style up front. Yay, Amber !! Yay, WRMK!

  4. I’d like to buy fuse tool in order to use it to close acetate boxes…I would like to use it to seal the sides instead of using glue, but…WILL IT WORK with acetate?? I couldn’t find an answer…Thanks a lot

  5. I enjoyed watching you on HSN today. You are so delightful and it’s nice to see you having fun.

    Btw….I loved those brown heels you were rockin.

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