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June 12, 2015


StylishSayingsIf you ask me (which, ironically enough, you did not do)  the crafting industry could use a little bit more edge. A little more grit. A little less “Thinking of You”  and a little more “Hey, girl hey.”  Now, of course those traditional sort of greetings have their place, but every once in a while I want to make something with a little more personality. Something that’s less “mayo”. More “sriracha.” Know what I mean?

Now if only I can get someone to make me a stamp that says “I ain’t no hollaback girl” – then, and only then, will all be right in the world.

1. I recently stopped by the Hero Arts factory store and picked up this oh so sassy set by Kelly Purkey. I mostly love that “Like a Boss” stamp because, well…it’s like a boss.

2. For the most part, this Ellen Hutson set is pretty traditional. The flower. The “hello.” Chances are you probably have something like this already in your stash  – but then there’s the “You are my person” stamp. Love that one so hard. It’s the sweetest, coolest way to say “I love you” and it can work for so many people. Your husband. Your wife. Your kids. Your sister. The guy at Five Guys who puts the extra scoop of fries in your bag. That guy is most definitely my person.

3. This set is one of my all time, go to favorites. The sayings are just so good. By far, my favorite is “go on with your bad self” because it feels so very 1988 and therefore, so very awesome.

4. Ok. Now let’s get real serious right now. This Kate Spade rotating stamp is everything you need in your life. Trust. It says things like “Eat your fruits and veg out” and “Light up the room.” They are itty bitty but so perfect for tags or dressing up pre-printed notecards with a little something handmade. If you’re not a seasoned stamper, this stamp is for you since it comes with everything you need to get started.

5. And because I love every single person who comes to this blog to read my musings, this stamp is a must have. You girls are absolutely awesome. No seriously, you are.

As always, I want to know what you think about these picks? Do you have em? Do you need em? Did I forget something? Let me know!

15 thoughts on “Damask Loves:: Stylish Sayings”

  1. Agree! I’m constantly thinking of what I really want to say… besides “thinking of you” etc. Song lyrics help me. I put these words in a sassy font on a retirement card, “The future’s so bright you’ll have to wear shades!”

  2. I love when you do these “Damask Loves” things! More please! I wish the stamp companies would come up with more original sayings. I LOVE “you are my person”!

  3. Ok. Well. “Keep On Keeping On” takes me back, to the 70’s. I am that old. Old enough to not know what my bad self is. Yours either. Exactly what is a fist pump and… why? And how does this hash tag stuff work, anyway? Is there some kind of Hash-tag Clearing House in the Cloud?

    Maybe I am even older than I think I am! Probably.

    I do agree that we paper crafters need some different and original ways to say the basics. I still don’t get the giant ‘HELLO’ on the front of a card. I went to all this trouble to make you a card, shouldn’t I have something more to say than just hello? Couldn’t I just do that in a text?

    The tiny sentiments intrigue me. If I spend an hour or two copic-coloring an image, I really don’t want it taken over by a giant hello. Those tiny little sentiments would just know how to be cute and funny and still politely stay in their place as Miss Manners might instruct.

    Really fun post, Amber, even though it does clearly put me in the geriatric camp. 🙂 Thanks for a few good chuckles.

  4. I like from set 1 – YES please… 🙂 Who knew Kate Spade had a stamp set??? And when I read 5 I thought you must have created it! Thanks for making me laugh today – you are so fun!!!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  5. Love the Kate Spade stamp! Although, I love just about anything Kate Spade. I do agree that we need more unique and fun sayings for cards. I just bought the Studio Calico and Mama Elephant stamp set just because one stamp says “Hey Girl”. Hopefully you can show some cards using these stamps. =)

  6. Amber, you are so right! We do need more “sassy sayings” stamp sets. Usually when I want to use a different phrase, I will type my phrase and print it to use on my greeting cards or projects. For instance, I wanted something different for my 2 sisters Mother’s day cards, so I typed, in a cutesy font…”You are pretty darn special!” And used my Minc to foil my phrase and the cards turned out really nice! But yeah…you are absolutely correct! One of my favorite phrases is…”This Too Shall Pass” I would love to have that in a stamp! Another one is “shut cho mouf”…lol!

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