Behind The Scenes: Damask Loves: Pineapples

August 7, 2015

FINEAPPLE“If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple.” That line is officially my favorite thing to say. If I were a lusty teenage dude who skulks around malls trying to get phone numbers, I would totally use that line. I’m sure it would work 0% of the time…100% of the time. Considering I am way too old and female to be a teenage boy, I’m setting my fine-apple sights on cool crafty supplies all dedicated to that fine, fine fruit.

1. I mean, maybe you love your scissors. Maybe you love cutting and cutting and cutting until you have a blister on your thumb and a cramp in your forearm. Maybe that’s what you’re into. No judgement. But humor me for a second and come into the light, where we have dies that cut beautiful pineapple shapes in seconds. These Echo Park dies have a sort of “sketchy” feel. “Sketchy” like handdrawn…not sketchy like that guy in college who wore flip flops in the snow, always carried around a box of Cheez-its and asked girls to come over to his dorm room to listen to his mix tape. I love these dies and that’s all there is to say about that.

2. Y’all know I loves me a good clear stamp. Avery Elle makes some great stamps and this little pineapple doo-dad is a fave. The set is small and it’ll only set you back eight bucks. Not bad for getting one step closer to being a fine-apple. If you like to color in your stamped images, this set is an easy one because the handdrawn look of it allows you some room for error when you color outside the lines. For all you wine drinkers, that means you can throw back a few and start coloring in this pineapple and it will still look great. I will always bring it back to wine. Always.

3. Yo. This stamp set is my reason for living. It is the reason I was put on this earth. It is the reason I won “Most Likely to Speak in Hyperbole” in high school. Any stamp that says “Beach, Please” is a stamp that I need in my life. I need it like food, water and Polynesian sauce from Chic Fil-a. Who ever came up with that “beach, please” pineapple deserves a raise, a high five, and a free vacation to Awesometown, USA. If you can’t tell – I sort of like this stamp set.

4. Okay – first ignore the fact that the packaging for these stickers says “4 pieces” when there are clearly six pieces. I’m guessing the same girl who schooled me on “Two for One” did the counting on this packaging. Once you get past the obvious counting error, you’ll love these little golden pineapple stickers. I bought two packages of them and they are the cutest little things you ever did see. Metallic gold and dimensional so you can use them for all sort of pretty projects.

5. Silicone mold are the new hotness in crafting. DIYers use them for all kind of things like these amazing fruit magnets. You can also use them for things like, ice cubes…but that’s boring. Why not use this pineapple mold to make some gummies, like Kelly did for these adorable gummi bears. Gummi bears are way better than ice cubes.

I hope you fine-apples love these goodies as much as I do! Tell me which one is your fave and be sure to tell me about any goods I missed! Fine-apples for all!

10 thoughts on “Damask Loves: Pineapples”

  1. I have loved pineapples since I got married in Hawaii years ago… I love these options you’ve shown. But even more – you made me laugh again today and I really needed that! I mean seriously – a stamp that says “Beach, please” ??? Have a Super Weekend! 🙂

  2. I like the 4……I mean 6 pineapple stickers. Yep, it was THAT girl who did the counting. #Hernewjob. I already know. LOL!

  3. Love those Little B pineapples. So pretty! I just bought a pineapple stamp from Paper Source about two weeks ago to use on a card. I had an urge to make a pineapple card. Lol. Thanks for another great post.

  4. Love the pineapple mold! Funny, I came across this post tonight! When I tuck my kids in bed at night I tell them “now’s your chance to say anything that’s on your mind, I won’t say anything back.” My daughter of course has lots to get off her mind without repercussions….but what is the first thing my 6 year old son says??? “I LOVE PINEAPPLE!” lol! goofball, must be a pineapple kind of day 🙂 Thanks for the great pineapple post!


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