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August 28, 2015

LovelyLeathers I’m having a leather crafting moment. Want proof? Check out both DIY projects from this week. Leather and leather. And then there were these. And these. And these. Like I said, I’m having a moment. Here’s the thing with leather. You can buy the real deal and eat delicious salty ramen all month, or you can save your $200 and make yourself a leather keychain for roughly three dollars. Yeah. Three dollars. The same amount of money you’ve been feeding to the vending machine trying to get that pack of Oreos…and the leather keychain won’t turn your teeth brown and make it appear as though you’ve been chewing on dirt. It’s a win for everyone.  With my recent love of leather, I thought I’d give you a peek at some of my favorite products for leather crafting.  Here we go:

1. I’ve recently replaced ribbon with leather cord. It’s such a cool way to wrap up little gifts and it’s reuseable as a bracelet or headband…and if you want to get real fancy shmancy, you can make these with it and be like the cool kids. No matter what you do with it, leather cording is always a good idea. Grab some here in all the colors.

2. I’ve talked up PeggySueAlso for a while now and it’s because I am quickly becoming her most frequent shopper. The customer service is bangin. The shipping is speedy. The color selection is dynamite, and she’ll customize the size of leather you need. Just shoot her a message and she’ll have your fine goods in the mail quicker than you can say, “Gimme all the leathers!” Just last weekend, I hosted another session of #miamimakes where we crafted up a mess of leather keychains and everyone loved it! Sidenote: “a mess” is a technical term for quantity somewhere between “a lot” and “a whole hell of a lot.”

3. If I’m not crafting with the soft supple leathers from PeggySueAlso, tooling leather is my go-to. If you’ve been following the Craft My Flats series, you know how useful this stuff can be in crafting.  It’s sturdy like thick chipboard with the durability of leather. My homegirl Chelsea recently used it to create the world’s cutest piggy bank. You can cut tooling leather with sharp scissors or….

4….you can cut it with your Cricut Explore. Now, don’t get me wrong. This machine costs a pretty penny but let me tell you this – it cuts through tooling leather BEAUTIFULLY! I’m talking perfection. I’ve been known to stand over my Explore and just watch as it goes to work cutting leather. The Explore is the biggest reason I set out on a shoe clip rampage. I couldn’t help myself! And you won’t be able to either. And – oh yeah – this machine also does a pretty bang up job on other materials like paper, chipboard, fabric, metal, sticker paper, vinyl… know. And if you don’t believe me, do I need to remind you of this?

5. If you’re gonna get down and dirty with tooling leather, you may want to grab some leather stamping supplies. These metal stamps will allow you to permanently indent the material with a monogram or word. Stay tuned because next week, I’ve got a simple leather craft that uses these very metal stamps…and there may be gold foil involved. You can also use these stamps on metal like this project that combines everyone’s two favorite things: crafts and booze.

Now it’s your turn. Have you seen any cool leathery crafts around the interwebs? Tell me about em and share the link!

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