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October 2, 2015

Damask Loves:: Land of Nod

Did you see this week’s announcement? Land of Nod is coming to San Francisco …well…sort of. I’m pairing up with Lovely Indeed to host MiniMakers – a one day creative workshop for kiddos and families…and Land of Nod is partnering with us to make it awesome.

Now for the real nitty gritty. This partnership is totally selfish. Now that I have a little, I’m totally obsessed with Nod and all I want are a few photos of my babe posed in front of that mushroom playhouse. In all my selfishness though, we’ve planned a pretty bang up workshop for kids and families in the Bay Area. If you’d like to join us, you can snag your ticket HERE.

Today’s round up of faves is all about Nod and giving you a sneaky peek at some of the goodies we’ll be using to style MiniMakers. Consider this your free backstage pass to the event of the century. Get pumped people.

one | Your mom told you “Don’t run in the house” but she never said anything about hopscotch! Hopscotch is a totally acceptable indoor sport…yeah…I just called hopscotch a sport. Get on my level. This play mat is just too cute and it comes with beanbags…perfect for marking your hopscotch square or hurling at your opponent. Both are totally reasonable things to do.

two | My kid is 10 months old and he knows how to read. Rephrase. My kid is 10 months old and he likes to flip through books while lying on his tummy and most of the time the book is upside down. So fine – my kid can’t read at all but he can thumb his way through this Andy Warhol Colors book like a champ. We’ll be outfitting the MiniMakers Land of Nod Lounge with plenty of books, but this one is my fave. It’s a little bit vintage, a little bit hipster, a lot a bit cool.

three | So when I was a kid, my grandma has this china cabinet that was filled up with the world most random collection of thangs. Yes, thangs. So many thangs. Dishes, books, old mugs, receipts from the Oregon Trail. Hell, I don’t know what was in there but was all old and didn’t seem to belong. But whatever. She was old and old people can do what they want. This bookshelf is pretty much my answer to the old lady china cabinet. It’s fresh, modern, minty and there’s nowhere for you to hoard your selfies from the American Revolution. It’s the perfect bookshelf and we’ll be using it in a pretty creative way for MiniMakers.

four | Confession. I read the Yahoo homepage like it’s the New York Times. It’s my version of legitimate news – but inevitably – at least once a week there is a story about yet another person who has given up their home to live in one of those “tiny houses.” You know…those 150 sq ft. wood trailer home things. It’s usually some Google exec who gave up his 50 million dollar mansion to live in the real estate equivalent of an Amazon Prime box. Tiny home are not for me. Nope. I like regular homes. Tiny homes are for tiny people…aka children. And if I were a kid, I would hands-down want to live in a mushroom house. Thankfully, Land of Nod is a veritable treasure trove of fun shaped home for kiddos. This mushroom house will be making a MiniMaker’s appearance but you can certainly opt for another home for your kids – like this Garage Playhouse that I am majorly obsessed with.

five| I should be worried about schools for my son. I should be concerned with his next developmental milestone. I should be researching appropriate learning games. Well friends, I’m concerned with backpacks. Which one is the cutest and which one will Markus like best. It’s an important issue. Backpacks are known to predict success later in life. Fact. So I’ve settled on this foxy number...and you are going to flip when you see how these are being used for MiniMakers. Beware for the cuteness, my friends. Beware.

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