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June 19, 2015

Giant Craft Supplies | damask loveYou should make things mini or you should make them giant. That’s pretty much the secret to crafting. No one really wants regular-sized things. Regular-sized in no fun. Personally, I prefer the giant variety. Did you see the DIY giant candy bar in yesterday’s post? You can fit more candies and cupcakes in giant things. You can fit more presents inside of giant things. Let’s make giant things.

1. I’ve used a circle punch in more ways than I can count. False. I’ve use a circle punch in about twenty ways. And I can count to twenty. But still – twenty is a pretty respectable number of circle punch crafts. There are the ladybugs, the flowers, the apples, the gift card envies, the ice cream cones, the cupcakes, the poinsettias, the donut tote, the daisies, the snowman, the donut tags, the peppermint candies, the cherries …See. I wasn’t kidding you. I’m lethal with a circle punch. The fun thing is, you can replicate almost all those circle punch projects on a bigger scale by using the Martha Stewart Large Circle Cutter. It cuts perfect circles up to 12″ in diameter which would make for some pretty SWEET giant paper donuts!

2. Ever since it hit the scene, I have been mildly obsessed with the We R Memory Keepers Template Studio. The starter kit comes with all the templates you need to create oversized envelopes, boxes and bags. You can make even more packaging and decor with the add on templates including the Star Template,  the Flower  Template, the Candy Box Template and the Pillowbox Template. An in case you need some supersized cardstock for your giant projects, they’ve got you covered with pretty patterned posterboard that even comes in silver glitttaaaahhh!!

3. I love paper flowers but I also like to not spend the entire day crafting away at one project. I have dishes that need to be washed…and episodes of Scandal to catch up on. Priority people. Priorities. This giant flower kit from Paper Source is so easy to assemble. I made one flower in about 20 minutes and it’s fabulous, dahling.

4. It’s summertime and pinwheels must be made. Giant pinwheels preferably. The Pinwheel Punchboard from We R Memory Keepers makes really beautiful, professional looking pinwheels. Way better than the ones you made in first grade. I mean, I’m not knocking your 6 year-old crafting know-how – I’m just saying you probably didn’t have the most stellar scissor skills. While, the punchboard can make itty bitty pinwheels, it can also make great big 12″ ones that will blow over the guests at your next summertime barbeque. (Sorry – I usually try to steer clear of such corniness, but I couldn’t help it).

5. For all you die-cutters, I’ve got you. These alphabet dies from My Favorite Things are way bigger than anything else out there. These dies are 5 1/4″ in height so they are great for all you cardmakers but also awesome for party decor. I’m thinking big banners? How would you use these?

It’s that time again, I’ve given you my favorites…now you tell me yours! Seriously, gimme the scoop. I am obsessed with giant craft supplies and want to know about them all!

5 thoughts on “Damask Loves:: Giant Crafts”

  1. I too, am obsessed with the Template Studio from We R Memory Keepers, and there’s a banner cutter-outer that’s caught my eye too! Bigger banners have got to be better!

  2. I love the giant paper flowers! I plan on buying the candy box template. That one is my favorite. I really like these posts where you round up options to create different projects.

  3. Well Amber, I have not tried the templates yet, but I do intend to very soon after reading this post. I like giant, big-sized crafts as well. I actually made a large “Mr. Goodman” (Mr. Goodbar) candy box for Father’s Day tomorrow, inspired by your birthday candy box from yesterday. I put inside Twix and M&M’s mini packs of candy. I am going to surprise the Father’s at my church tomorrow with a small treat. It turned out really, really nice! Thank you for the idea just in time for Father’s day!

  4. Amber, Thanks for this .I agree with you on the pinwheel punch board. I love it to. But you need to try the banners unch board, very addictive. I got mine in the mail last week and ben and now, I have made 5 banners. It is a must have for me. Do you of any large size alphabet die? the ones from MFT is going to be a big investment if I decided to buy all 26 letters.

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