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June 26, 2015


It was only a matter of time before this post happened. You guys have been loving the “Damask Loves” series of Friday posts, so it only makes sense for me to bring you today’s post where I share my true favorite. My ultimate favorite. The Kim to my Kayne. The Brad to my Angelina. The Olivia to my Fitz. Flamingos and me…we’re in love. And you’re about to fall in love too, because there are some serious cute flamingo themed goodies out there that must be had.

1. Apparently, flamingos are fluent in Spanish…or at least this guy is. Combine flamingos and notepads and this is what you get. You know I love me some notepads, so this is an obvious must have for your desk. (and if you’re clicking that notepad link, you’ll notice one of my favorite sites/stores:Wynwood Letterpess right here in Miami. Stay tuned because Damask Love and Wynwood Letterpress are partnering to bring you a series of crafty workshops!!)

2. Go shorty, it’s your birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday…and no birthday is complete with out flamingo candles. Amiright? Quite frankly, I would be totally fine if you slap these babies on anything. A cake. A stack of waffles. An egg salad sammich. Yeah. That’s how I roll. Sammiches.

3. Be still my ever loving heart. Kate Spade has a hold on my wallet like no one else. Only Kate Spade will make me think that an $98 clutch is in anyway reasonable. Any other day a $98 clutch would have me shouting obscenities of the f-bomb variety, but this clutch has me saying nothing by “thank you.” “Thank you, Ms. Spade. Thank you for understanding my need for flamingos. Now, here…take my $98 bucks. We’ll have ramen for dinner this week.”

4. Ok – for all my crafter girls out there. Give me an amen if you understand the following: Sometimes you buy an entire pack of patterned paper for that one sheet inside that you just can’t live without. Forget the fact that you don’t really love the other patterns. There’s that one, that one patterned sheet featuring quirky little flamingos that you just have to have. Or else you’ll die. That’s how I feel about the Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy Paper Pack. The other patterns are lovely. But that flamingo pattern is the thing of dreams. Go ahead and buy yourself a pack or ten. It’s only $12 bucks. You were gonna spend that onย gas anyway. Forgo the gas and keep your butt at home with this pretty paper.

5. And for you die hard die cutters …don’t think I forgot about you! These little flamingo dies are THE. VERY. BEST. I may or may not have stayed up last night die cutting my own personal flock of these babies. Check out the Damask Love Instagram to see their cuteness on your screen.

If you weren’t a flamingo lover before this post you should be now! (or maybe you hate them even more!) Tell me your favorite flamingo goodies. Seriously, I want to know about them! I need more flamingos in my life. And based on my love of that Kate Spade clutch, I’ll pay way too much monty for them.

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10 thoughts on “Damask Loves:: Flamingos”

  1. How funny! Flamingos are soooooo my jam right now! Lol. I almost bought that Kate Spade bag but splurged on the dies instead! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I LOVE this post!!! You have been on a roll with your posts. I love the Kate Spade clutch. I almost bought the flamingo wallet, but I figured I should use that money towards my student loan. And I have those flamingo dies. So cute! And I bought the flamingo paper. I added extra stuff to my cart to justify the shipping for two pieces of paper. Lol. Thanks for an awesome post!!

    1. I am so happy that you guys are loving these Friday round up posts! I love putting them together. And …good for you to pay down those loans! I know what a pain student loans are and I know how much a flamingo wallet can tempt a girl! LOL!

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