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June 5, 2015

Donuts1Today is National Donut Day. I’m sure you were completely oblivious to this. I’m sure you haven’t seen it all over your Instagram feed. I certainly haven’t posted any images of donuts. I would never do that. I’m sure you haven’t seen donut themed everything on every blog you read. Definitely not. So, I’ll just give you a hearty “you’re welcome” since you are surely  reading it here first. Today is National Donut Day. Thankfully, Damask Loves donuts. In a major major way. Cake donuts? Yes. Raised donuts. Sure thing. Jam Filled? I’ll take two. Maple bars? Every. Single Time.

I might have a problem. But I’m still in the denial stage, so leave me alone. Alone with two or ten donuts.  Usually donut themed craft supplies will do the trick, so here are some of my favorites:

One // I want to die cut a dozen or so of these adorable donuts. I am especially in love with those sprinkles – because my day is not complete if there are not sprinkles involed. These donut dies have an accompanying clear stamp set with greetings that I love so hard. If you are a newbie crafter and don’t quite have a handle on the whole die cutting thing, check out the Die Cutting video in Craft 101 to see how easy it is to do.

Two // The best time to buy a gift is at the last minute and the best time to get the perfect card is at the very, very, very last minute. Can I get an amen? Apparently, Opal Heart Paper has procraftinators like me in mind because this awesome card is available for instant printing! I love the quirky sentiment, but if we’re being completely honest. Don’t ever make be choose between bagels and donuts. I might try to punch you and run off with both.

Three //  All I want in life is good friends, wine and a stamp of a donut wearing sunglasses. Oh. I would also like six million dollars. But that’s it. I’m simple. I don’t ask for much. Simon Says Stamp has helped me check off at least one item on my list with their I Love Donuts clear stamp set. And if donuts with sunglasses aren’t your thing…well…maybe we have to rethink this friendship. Donuts were meant to have sunglasses.

Four // Okay. This is for all my girls who are a little neurotic about the little details. I am obsessed with this die. Like obsessed. The way Kim K. is obsessed with herself. It’s the only donut die that has dimension. It looks like it’s sitting flat on a table or a plate. See what I mean. You can stack these on top of each other and create a little leaning tower of carbs. Something we all obviously need in our craft lives. It’s the little things, friends. The little things. Please tell me I’m not the only one who notices these sort of details.

Five // “…nom, nom….means I love you” “Nom, nom” also means that you need this clear stamp set in your life. I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to sentiment and greeting stamps. I like them to be different and a little quirky or funny. This set nails it. The greetings are small enough so they don’t take over a piece of handstamped stationery, so your finished product is professional and contemporary. Love that. And if you need to stamp a cup of coffee to go with your donut, check this out.

And now for a little donut DIYing for your weekend:

Okay guys, those are my faves. Now you know the drill, I want to hear about your favorite donut crafting supplies. Link to them in the comments so we can spend all of our money before end of day. Nothing like being broke before the weekend even gets started. Let’s go for broke, sisterfriends!


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