DIY: Damask Loves: Almost Edible Craft Supplies

July 3, 2015

AlmostEdibleNewsflash: Amber loves  food themed craft supplies.

Newsflash: Water is wet.

File both of these things under “Information that is painfully obvious.”

With National Candy Month well underway, I have no choice but to share a few of my food themed craft supplies that are cute enough to eat. Almost. I’m not in the business of telling you what to do, but I would advise against eating paper and stamps. Just doesn’t seem like a great idea.

1. I’ll start you off with a tool I’ve owned for a long, long time and one I’ve come to love in a major way. The Candy Box Punch Board makes it really quick and easy to create boxes shaped like…well…candy. Duh, Amber. You can create boxes of several different sizes and if you have a need for a great big, giant candy box, you can upgrade to the Template Studio Candy Box Template. It will create giant candy boxes that you can fill with enough candy to make you all kinds of sick.

2. I love me some popsicles. Especially the red,white and blue bomb pops. I love them so bad. I was at a wedding once where they served bomb pops for dessert and I just about lost my entire mind. Hands down, the best wedding I’ve ever attended…including my own. We didn’t have bomb pops are our wedding. What was I thinking?!I think Andrew and I will have to renew our vows at some point so we can throw a popsicle themed wedding. We’ll have bomb pops – and the invitations will be made using this stamp set from My Favorite Things.

3. Am I the only person who used to have an eraser collection? And now that I’ve typed that sentence I have officially crossed over into telling you every weird detail of my childhood. Yup. I had an eraser collection but I didn’t have THESE erasers in my collection. They are lollipops. For crying out loud, they’re lollipops! And they also have gummi bear erasers! I may need to revive my eraser collection. Please, please tell me I’m not the only one with serious eraser love in her heart.

4. I hope you guys know this: every item I post in a Damask Loves roundup is something I own or will own in the very near future (and by “very near future” I mean I’m going to place my order as soon as I’m done typing the post). Such is the case with this awesome, incredible, adorable, I-need-you-in-my-life-immediately cheeseburger die. The way it layers is similar to the donut die I included in this roundup. I love the angle that is has to you really feel like it’s sitting there on top of a plate of napkin. So may creative options with this one. I don’t know if it’s normal to love any single craft item this much, but this is all I have to say “Dear Cheeseburger die, if loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

5. I’m not going to make you guys listen to me go on with my love of stickers. I’ve told you about it already and you can rest assured that it’s still going strong. My current obsession are Doodle Pops from Doodlebug Design. These little buggers are made from good quality cardstock so their sturdy and their 3D so they pop off the page. They make for really professional looking projects. Just stick one on a card or tag, give it to a friend then sit back and bask in all those compliments about how crafty you are. They never need to know that the tag took you 3 seconds to make and you made it while brushing your teeth. We’ll keep that piece of information between just you and me. I love the Summer Treats stickers but I’m also a little bit obsessed with this ice cream truck. I think when I retire from the crafting game, I’m gonna buy an ice cream truck. Don’t worry, I’ll pimp that ride with plenty of glitter and rhinestones. Gotta stay true to my roots, right?

Now it’s time for you to sound off and gimme your favorite “almost edible” crafting supplies…and while you’re at it, feel free to tell me if you love popsicles and erasers the way I do!

10 thoughts on “Damask Loves: Almost Edible Craft Supplies”

  1. I can’t believe those lollipops are erasers! How crazy is that? I would not have known… I think the popsicles are perfect for a 4th of July party! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Not sure if I visit for entertainment or the brilliant crafts you make – either way it is a double win for me 🙂

  3. Well, I HAD intended to do some crafting after my computer session, but now I’m going to raid my fridge and cupboards; you have well and truly pushed my tummy button! It’s not fair, what with you looking really great all the time. I must admit, they have no business making lollipop erasers that flippin’ adorable and realistic-looking–I know I’d constantly be putting the thing in my mouth. Thanks for all the links, and have a very Happy 4th with your family!

    1. HAHA!!! I am with you on those lollipop erasers! So realistic, right? (and you can rest assured that I don’t always look great. Right now I am wearing yoga pants — for the third day in a row– and a tee shirt with baby food spilled on it. It’s a classy look)

      1. I bet you still look adorable, and who knows, maybe baby food splats will be all the rage. They do come in a variety of colors and resemble some of the splatter stamps out there.

  4. Um….girlfriend, you are NOT alone…..I totally had an eraser collection. I am a total 80’s girl and back then, you know the erasers smelled like sweet delicious whatevers! It was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I still buy them – mostly for my baby girl….she’s just like her mama though – she likes the cute ones!

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