Behind The Scenes: Damask Loves:: A Quirky Clutch

October 9, 2015


I’m having a moment with quirky clutches and I now have a DIY googly eye clutch to prove it. They sort of bring out the five year old in me. The five year old who loved carrying purses but never really had anything to actually put in a purse. So…I would walk around the house grabbing anything and everything to fill my purse. On one particularly hilarious occasion, I put our house cordless phone in my purse. It was three miles into the trip when my mom noticed it. Needless to say, she was none too pleased.

Quirky clutches are a guaranteed conversation starter and given my penchant for prattle, it only makes sense for me to own a few. Here’s a rundown of my favorites…all from Cents of Style and totally affordable.

  1. Wear something orange. Literally. I did. This orange clutch is my current go-to and did I mention it’s on sale and comes in a bunch of colors!

2. Anyone else still rock out to Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation? It was basically my soundtrack of the early nineties. I even stole my mom’s security box key and strung it onto a hoop earring. Note: security box keys are entirely too heavy to be worn as accessories. Just in case you were planning on it. Well – Black Cat was one of my favorite tracks on the Rhythm Nation tape…yes…tape. The kind that you would have to wind with a pencil when it got caught in the tape player. Turns out black cats aren’t just for catchy dance tunes sung by Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty). Black cats make for really cute clutches. Perfect for the Halloween time of year or for being awesome…which is always in season.

3. Okay – we are now entering the carb portion of my clutch collection. This cupcake clutch is so adorable! It’s big and holds plenty of goodies…you can easily fit your house cell phone in there. You could also tote around a good five or six cupcakes in this cutie. I promise you’ll be the sweetest thing in the room with this bag. Was that corny? Yep. It was. Sorry, not sorry.

4. If you don’t like french fries then we need to talk about what happened. Where did your life go wrong? When did you derail from the good life? I’m worried about you. Me? I’ve never met a potato that I didn’t enjoy – especially when it cut into delicate slivers, bathed in oil until crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside then dusted with a salt. There are days when french fries are my reason for living. And I’m not ashamed to say it. On the other days, this clutch is my reason for living. (Don’t tell my son or my husband I just said that…they may not be too happy about it…but I bet a french fry would make ’em feel better).

5. Now that we’ve eaten our way through #3 and #4 – let’s talk plaid. Buffalo plaid, to be exact – but is there really any other plaid? This plaid makes me feel like a rustically chic girl who lives in a perfectly styled cabin and gel manicures of the “on fleek” variety. The gold flap accent is speaking to me…it’s saying…”You need me. Buy me. Take me home with you.” And to that I say, “Yes mister buffalo plaid clutch. I love you and we’ll be friends forever.”

And now that I’ve brought out the kid in you by running down my favorite quirky clutches, how about a little more kid-friendly fun?

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