Behind The Scenes: The Damask Love Newsletter is Here

March 23, 2016

Damask Love Newsletter

Your inbox is about to get a whole lot sweeter! After lots of procrastination and general confusion about how the heck to start a newsletter, the time has come…FINALLY! Many of you have emailed and asked about how to sign up for the Damask Love Newsletter – but truth is – until now, there wasn’t one.

The Damask Love Newsletter will drop this Friday, March 25 and all you have to do is enter your sweet little email address into the box in the sidebar. The newsletter will contain all sorts of goodness that you won’t find on the blog. It’s sort of like the Damask Love Illuminati. There will be exclusive projects, weekly recaps, behind-the-scenes photo shoots, coupon codes and contributions from some of the interweb’s best.

Sign up today and you’ll receive your first “issue” in just a few days. Until then, sit tight and craft up something good.

5 thoughts on “The Damask Love Newsletter is Here”

  1. Never mind. I figured out the issue. You can only sign up if you click your Home page. If just reading the post, the box is grayed out. Maybe this will help out someone else.

  2. Hi, Amber, thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. I signed up for your newsletter, but I wanted to let you know the fields are not labeled – at least not on internet explorer. It’s possible they are labeled in other browsers. Of course, most of us can figure out this must be where the name goes and this other one must be the email.

    Looking forward to more things to go “ga-ga” over!

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