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February 1, 2013



5 signs that you are a busy-body:

{1} You search and search for the remote control, only to find that it’s under a huge panel of beadboard, inside your sneaker. Don’t ask. I have no explanation.

{2} You reach into your supply drawer, pull out your tape runner and find an M&M stuck to it. Again. Don’t ask. No clue. I’m pretty sure it’s been a while since I had M&M’s in the house.

{3} 3:00am bedtime feels like you’re turning in way ahead of schedule.

{4} In the course of a week, you manage to lose your cell phone, camera battery, camera charger and though it’s not definitively lost yet, the whereabouts of your neon yellow, pointy toe flats (left shoe only) is yet to be determined.

{5} You are a week late in celebrating your second year of blogging!

Yep, I’m guilty of all five, but today I’m here to remedy the last in the list! See – last Friday, Damask Love turned two years-old! It’s true! This blog is entering the terrible twos (but let’s hope for everyone’s sake that it’s not too terrible). This time last week, I was in a whirlwind of Alt Summit awesomeness, which distracted me from the birthday festivities! Let’s fix that, mmmkay?

To celebrate two years of blogging, I’m giving away two of these seriously adorable totes from Handmade and Craft. I carried mine to CHA a few weeks ago and it was a hit! Now you can win one of your own just by commenting!!!



…and for a second chance to win…visit me on the Damask Love Facebook page where I’m giving away another one of these totes! Since I don’t like just having you comment, and in the spirit of me being an absent-minded busy-body, how about you answer this question:

What's the most absent-minded thing you've done?

*Comments close at midnight EST on Sunday, February 3, 2013

…and just in case you’d like a little more Damask Love in your life, today!


  • There’s a new challenge blog in town, folks and your’s truly is on the roster!
  • One of my biggest blog crushes is featuring my ALT Summit business card…twice! Checky!
  • I guess “firecracker” is a pretty accurate way to describe me.


83 thoughts on “Craftroom Crush & A Belated Giveaway”

  1. So many awesome things to congratulate you on! Happy 2 year blogaversary, your new DT role and lovely mentions from AS! Sounds like you need to take a break, but is that even possible?! The most absent minded thing I can remember doing is putting the milk in the pantry and the glass I just poured in the fridge. I’m sure there are worse things I’ve done but I’ve blocked them from memory haha!

  2. Congrats on two years Amber – they have flown by!! Absent mindedness, gee. I am pretty together usually – the worst thing I’ve done recently was use a normal fork for dishing out cat food instead of the one meant for cat food, hardly that absent minded! But the one that will always stick with me is when I was 18 and called one of my friends. I got the answering machine and without thinking left the message ‘Hi Taheerah, it’s Laura’ – then spent the rest of the message explaining how I’d meant the other way round! Your stories are much much better, totally made me laugh!!

    1. OH MAN! I WISH I was less absent-minded. Sometimes I think my brain cells are having a party while the rest of me is trying to operate like a normal human being!!!

  3. First of all, congrats on your two years šŸ™‚ I just discovered your blog via creature comforts blog and I am loving it. This tote just made me laugh would love to win it.

    1. Ummm…you discovered ME from Creature Comforts? Since I am totally obsessed with Creature Comforts, I think I can safely say that you just made my day!!!

  4. oh good lord. First of all, happy 2. But absent-minded is my middle name. A year or 2 ago, I stuck my finger in the immersion blender (while it was still plugged in, natch) to dig out some pesky strawberries that just wouldn’t blend! welll, an emerg visit and finger-reconstruction ensued (that sounded dramatic – just lots of stitches.) I break out into cold sweats at the thought of holding a hand-blender ever again.

  5. Oh, my, there are way too many to choose one as being the worst. In December when we were at Seattle’s airport, on the way home, I ordered a wheelchair for my husband and then forgot about it and made him walk part way to the gate before remembering it. Then we had to walk back to the wheelchair area. Good thing we were early.

  6. Congratulations on two years! Love your posts. In addition to misplacing my keys on a daily basis I have this habit of walking from one room to another and forgetting what I am looking for. Very frustrating!

    Thanks for the opportunity to wim.

  7. Congrats, Amber! Love your blog, so I’m happy to see you’re going strong šŸ™‚ Well I guess that one time I was daydreaming when the ends of my scarf moved (because I had moved, obviously) and that literally made me jump. I get scared so easily, it’s a running gag with my friends! ^^

    1. So – how absent minded is this: I make lists for everything too, but sometimes I think of something to add to the list, walk over to the list and then I’ve already forgotten what the hell I was going to write down!!!

  8. The last absent minded thing I did was leave the peppermint ice cream sitting on the counter for about 1/2 hour. My big holiday treat was kind of soupy.

    Happy Blog Birthday. That is just the cutest tote ever.

  9. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary! I’ve only recently found your blog but am enjoying all the creativity you share.
    I am normally pretty “together” but the absent-minded thing that came to mind was a couple of years ago when I drove 50 minutes to work only to realize I left my laptop at home and had go back home and get it. šŸ˜
    The bag is so cute – Thanks for a chance to win!

    1. Ok…so to make you feel better here’s what happened to me: Went to Ikea to buy a new crafting desk. (Note: Ikea is an hour drive from our house). Got in line to pay…realized I left my wallet at home. Drove AAAAALLLLLLLLL the way home to get my wallet. While I was home, I sent out some emails. Got back in the car, Drove BACK to Ikea. Got in line to pay. LEFT MY WALLET NEXT TO THE COMPUTER WHILE I WAS TYPING EMAILS!!!! Went alllllll the way back home. Got my wallet. Drove alllll the way back to Ikea. Bought the desk. Yep. That happened. No lie.

  10. Congrats on your anniversary! Worst absent minded thing I did was to take a package on frozen onions and without even thinking, tried to break them up on top of my glass top stove. Yup, had to replace the stove! To make matters worse, this was during the Christmas holidays!

  11. hmmm… that could be the time I locked myself out of the car THREE times in one day. Locked the keys in the car when I got to work. Called mom who brought me a spare set at lunch. Opened the door, got some things out and locked both sets of keys inside. Went back to the office had a coworker help me jimmie the door. Elated with our success, we jumped around and then closed the door… locking the keys in once again. Seriously? Jimmied it again and put both sets of keys in my pocket. then I left the door unlocked as I walked away. šŸ˜‰

  12. haha, love your list. Congrats on 2!! And thanks for the giveaway too, love that bag!

    I think if I could remember the most absent minded thing I’ve done I wouldn’t be absent minded! I literally can’t remember anything absent minded but it happens all the time because my hubs laughs at me (in a “you’re so cute” way, still annoying!)

    1. OMG – If I had a nickel for everytime my husband gives me that “you’re so cute” look after I’ve done something absent-minded…I’d seriously be rich.

  13. Happy 2nd blog-aversary!
    Does forgetting your key sin the front door overnight and having the newspaper delivery man slip them through the mail slot count? This may have happened more than once. šŸ˜‰

  14. I once put my shoe in the freezer, left my keys in the front door overnight, forgot my son at golf lessons (for almost an hour!), and about a million other things to embarrassing to mention!

  15. Congrats again on your 2 year blog anniversary! I always ‘light up’ when I see your post in my email inbox!
    The most absent minded thing I’ve done recently, was putting money away for some craft goodies, and completely forgetting where I put it! I mean, seriously, my house is not that big! I did finally remember where I hid the money (under a scarf in the dining room), but it took me 3 days!!! Good heavens, next time I’ll put it in the back of my wallet and hope that works out better!

    Thanks so much for the fun post, and of course for a chance (or 2) to win this really cute tote bag…I left some lovin’ on your FB page, as well! Have a great day!

    1. I imagine that after searching for that money, your house looked a lot like mine after I was searching for that remote control that I found in my shoe!

  16. Because of my absent-mindedness, my child could be one of your future patients eventually Amber, I left my 9 yr old in the gym childcare. I did not realize it until I pulled in my driveway 20 mins later. So do I get mother of the year award AND the cute tote? Lol! Thanks for the opportunity to win and Happy Bloggie Birthday 2 U!!

    1. Yep – you definitely win mother of the year!!! Once my parents both forgot to pick me up from school…there was some miscommunication. I sat in the principals office having a grand old time. They gave me cashews to snack on and I pretty much got to do whatever I wanted! Thanks for this story! It made me laugh out loud!

  17. Love the tote! A few years ago we were visiting my daughter’s family for Christmas. After the evening church service we went back to their house and I tossed my jacket in our vehicle and locked it. Didn’t realize my keys were in the pocket until 11 pm when we were headed to the motel. Tried to jimmie ourselves in but it didn’t work. Had to call a locksmith. Had a great holiday anyway.

  18. I am dreadful at locking doors – if I don’t put my keys away immediately by the time i get to the car I think I haven’t locked the door and have to go back. It’s always locked – except for that one time when I went to the shops 2 weeks after moving in and before we started to use the back door, and left the front door, which opens directly onto the street, not only unlocked but not even closed……

  19. Last weekend, I found a Christmas gift I had bought for my husband hidden in my dresser. Totally forgot to wrap it and give it to him!

  20. Happy Blog Birthday. Look for just bigger and better things to come in this year.
    And every gal needs a bag that says she sweats glitter.

  21. LOVE the tote…SO seriously cute! And I enjoy your blog daily…thank you!

    I am always absent minded. Just today my son went to school with my husband’s sandwich and apparently my husband’s lunchbox had the greek yogurt, cheesestick, and fun fact note!!

    I realized that I may do this too often–I tend to write stuff on my hand to try to keep from forgetting important things.–My son asked me to write a note on his hand for him today šŸ™‚

  22. Oh My this is Fabulous!! I would actually have to give this as a gift…I am just not sure to which one of my crafty friends!

  23. Happy blogiversary!! I constantly find that I’m in a panic about “Where is my iPhone?!” WHEN I’M TALKING ON IT!!!!! I once even said to my BFF, “I’ve got to go. I can’t find my phone and I’m afraid I left it at the library.” Her immediate silence was followed by “I canNOT wait to post this on Facebook about you! You are ON your phone with me, goofball!” :/

    1. And just like that – you have moved into a special place in my heart that I reserve especially for people who are just as crazy as me! Welcome, Gina! Welcome to the land of the spazz-brains! Only difference is that you have kids…which works as an excuse. I, on the other hand, have only myself to worry about and I STILL lose stuff all the time. Thank you for this hilarious story! You are so so funny!

  24. Congratulations! I’m very excited about another year. It can’t be very terrible. Love this tote. I have a friend that I call Baglady that this would be perfect for…and it’s her sixtieth birthday, so perfect, indeed. I’m ashamed to say that the most absent-minded thing I’ve ever done was to leave my youngest strapped in his car seat in the car in the garage when he was two. Thankfully, not very long and the weather wasn’t horribly hot or cold.

  25. Congrats to you and thanks for the chance at an adorable (and useful!) bit of blog candy! My big absent minded mistake was sending a bithday card to someone in June, when their birthday is in October. Oops! It happens šŸ™‚

  26. I am happy to say I have been a reader since pretty much the very beginning. Every time I see a new blog post of yours, I tell my computer to hurry up and load the page because I can’t wait to see what beautiful thing you have created! So…HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Here’s to many more! (I am also a South Florida girl, I can’t wait until the day we move back!)
    I don’t know if I would call this absent-minded or not, but I live about an hour north of Nashville. Well, one day I took my 2 boys down to the Farmer’s Market down there. We checked out the stands, and at one we bought some cookies. They also sold goat cheese and I wanted to try some. So, I am standing there, talking to the guy, slightly aware that there is another guy standing next to me. As the boys and I are taste testing,and I was getting my money out, something told me to turn my head…KEITH URBAN was buying some cheese right next to me. I handed the guy the money, looked again, because none other than Nicole Kidman was on the other side of him. I walked away, and even the boys were saying, Mom, mom! Look! There’s Nicole Kidman!! (We had just watched Australia the night before.) I walked about 10 feet, and went back, the guy and I just laughed, and he said he was star struck too. I don’t think that is absent minded, but it was the first thing that came to mind!
    We did run into them again later on and they were both sooo nice to my kids.

  27. Just today I was putting up the Feb. calendar at school and had put it all up when I realized that I had put all the days up just like January…I knew it had gone too fast….February started today, Friday, not on a Monday! Duh!! It happens everyday!
    CONGRATS on two years!!!

  28. Happy Blogiversary! I “lost” you in an Internet Carrier Conversion a few months back and was sooooo happy to have found you just recently! šŸ™‚ I love your work and your style. I constantly loose other things too – like the Valentine Envelopes that I made and wanted to press flat under a pile of books overnight. I must’ve gone up and down the stairs from my Craft Room to the Computer Room to the Coffee/Craft Table looking for them before I realized that they were already under the pile of books. Did I mention this happened at 2am this morning?!

  29. I can’t think of anything super wacky that I’ve done lately but I feel you on the craziness lately. Work and home have been crazy and it’s caught up with me – I am home sick today. HOping for a quick turnaround as I have symphony tickets for tomorrow night! :\ Happy 2nd blog-versary! I love the blog and your fun personality shines through! Thanks for the chance to win the cute tote. Happy Friday.

  30. bahaha i love that bag.

    um, so this is going to sound probably a lot more terrible than it really was – i promise at NO TIME did i EVER put his life in danger – but after i had my baby, he would be sleeping in his carseat/interlocking stroller, which i pushed around with me all over the house. while i was blogging or reading emails, etc, i would forget he was there! until he stirred…he was just so quiet when he slept and it was almost like pre-baby life…just for awhile while he napped anyhow LOL šŸ™‚

  31. Cute bag! I left my phone in the refrigerator as I was packing my lunch for work. My husband found it and actually brought it to me. He never gave me a hard time for where he found it. He’s a keeper!

  32. I look all over for my glasses and they are on top of my head. I may have done this more than once or twice – or even thrice!

  33. The tote slogan made me giggle. Too funny….

    Congrats on two years. Love your blog and you inspire me every week. Thanks for all you do!

  34. First, congratulations on your anniversary! I just recently found your blog & now follow you on Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook. You’re the cutest thing ever! Ok. I dialed my mom. The phone didn’t ring, no dial tone. So I hung up & dialed back. Same thing. As I hung up to dial again, I realized I had the tv remote control up to my ear, instead of the phone! Thankfully, I was home alone.

  35. I have three kids so I’m careful to not be absent minded. Can’t afford to leave anyone behind or forget diapers etc! But when I was a teenager, I lost at least 3 retainers and 2 pairs of expensive sunglasses.

  36. Mazel tov on 2 years! It’s a toss up, there are two things I have done with increasing frequency since having a child 3 1/2 years ago: 1)got in shower still wearing glasses and 2)run the coffee maker with no coffee in it šŸ™‚

  37. Congratulations on 2 years of blogging Amber! It was great to meet you in the lobby of the Ramada Plaza a few weeks ago šŸ™‚ My absent minded moment was last night when I tried to give the wrong dog his medication for epilepsy. I stood there dumbfounded that the dog wouldn’t take it’s meds like “normal”.

  38. Happy 2nd blogoversary! Love visiting your blog. Absent minded? Yes! All the time! Biggest most recent event…let my dog (my baby!) outside to do her business while I got ready to leave the house, then left the house for several hours, forgetting that I let her out. Luckily, she was sitting on the front stoop waiting for me when I arrived home!

  39. What a great accomplishment. Congrats. Talk about being absent minded, once in a great while, I will pull up to a red light, stop, look both ways and drive on through like its a stop sign. Once a police car was sitting across from me, when I realized what I had done and stopped. he just let it go.

  40. Happy 2nd! I was putting away groceries, couldn’t find my cell phone, called it – thought I heard it ring once or twice, then nothing…. which confirmed that it was in the house. Looked for it for about a day, only to discover that while putting away the groceries, I had put it in the freezer! Very lucky that it defrosted nicely (and even luckier that I found it šŸ™‚ ).

  41. Congrats on 2 years!!!! My most absent minded thing happened when I was talking on my cell phone with my sister while I was cleaning. I was in the midst of organizing and I realized I did not remember where I had put down my cell. I told my sister I could not remember I had put it and started making a big mess. She started asking me where was the last place I remember having it and I could not for the life of me remember. I hung up my phone and started looking for it. Suddenly, I realized that my phone had not been lost (I had been on it the whole time). I called my sister back and told her we’re crazy because we did not realize that we both know where my cell phone was. Yup, that’s what happens to me when I get in my zone. (^_^)

  42. I’m so absent-minded some mornings that I can’t remember if I’ve conditioned my hair or just shampooed it. Now that’s bad! Your tote bag message is priceless. My friends would get the biggest kick out of me sporting that bag. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary of blogging! I’ve yet to take that plunge but truly enjoy following yours. WTG, Amber!

  43. Congratulations on the 2 year blogaversary! The most absent-minded thing I’ve done is a toss up between two parking incidents. I NEVER lose my car, except these two times. Once I went to a shopping centre twice in a day. The second time I went back to my car where I parked the first time and after 10 minutes of heart-thumping worry, I remembered I’d parked somewhere else this time! The second time was when a friend and I went to a craft expo together. We were chatting so much, we didn’t notice where we parked. We ended up having to walk outside and retrace the car route when we arrived to remember where the car was, LOL!

  44. I”m absent minded all the time…lost key, things in frig that melt…forgotten appointmnets…too busy crafting! Congrats on your anniversary!

  45. Congrats! And that bag is so awesome! šŸ™‚ Once I put the “magic shell” ice cream syrup in the fridge. That was the end of that.

  46. Congrats on the the two year anniversary & thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
    Let’s see…the most absent-minded thing I’ve done (recently) is leave the garage door open at night (this is a problem as the garage leads right into our home and the adjoining door doesn’t have a lock). Thankfully, nothing happened as a result of my absentmindedness, but it scared me into double (read:triple) checking the garage door at night.

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