Paper: Clear & Simple Stamps -September Style Watch #4

September 24, 2011

Why not send your student off in style with a few personalized goodies that will make the transition a little more special. Alpha Varsity offers the perfect starting point for some great personalized gifts.

Every college bound student needs a whiteboard to hang on their dorm room door, and you are going to love how easy it is to make one of your own. Even for younger children, a whiteboard is a great, fun way to personalize their space…

As a college student,  I remember having one on my door and returning home to the scribblings of my friends: “Dinner at 7!” “Can I borrow your black sandals?” “Keg Party on Wednesday”…oops, I mean “Don’t Forget about the all night study session!”

Join me today, and take a look at how this homemade project came together. You’ll love the finished product…and it’ll only take a few minutes to create one of your own…

Until later, Loverlies,
Amber D


  1. Cut frame from matboard and cover with patterned paper
  2. Punch holes and affix eyelets to the top left and right corners of the frame
  3. Thread ribbon through eyelets to create a hanger for the frame
  4. Stamp personalization on cardstock and laminate
    • { SW TIP} Even if you don’t own a laminating machine, you can hop over to your local copy center or office supply store and have a document laminated for just a few bucks!
  5. Trim excess laminate from around cardstock
  6. Adhere cardstock to the back of the frame
  • {Optional} Use velcro to attach a dry erase marker to the frame.

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