DIY: Class Field Trip: Calendar Round Up

November 2, 2012


{one}  Modern is definitely my aesthetic and this advent calendar is right up my alley!

{two} Every moth she has a free downloadable calendar! I am particularly in love with this month’s design. Love how the weekends are in a different color – genius layout.

{three} Of all the whiteboard calendars, her’s is my favorite! Love the way she created the trim.

{four} A chalkboard wall calendar?!? Love it! And, this is totally DIY-able. I’ll be making something like this for the craftroom – for sure!

{five} Saved the best for last. This ink bleed calendar is just insanely unique, innovative, genius…it’s everything.

Welcome to our first class field trip!! In the spirit of all the calendars I’ve been sharing, I thought we should take a tour around the web to see what other creative calendar projects are out there. There aren’t any rules for our field trips, just enjoy and maybe leave a little love  along the way if you like what you see!  In addition to these calendars, you can always download the Damask Love calendar designs for FREE by going over to The Library for all the downloads.


    • SOLD OUT!!! The Landscape Calendar Cases are sold out from the Etsy Shop! I am planning to restock with the next week in case you are interested in purchasing!
    • Many of you emailed me asking whether I’d be doing another business card calendar for 2013. The answer is YES! I had to push back the post, but they are coming! I’ll post the project on Monday, November 5th – hope to see you here!
    • This weekend I’m hosting a supehero picnic and I’m so excited!!! I’ll be posting behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram in case you’re interested! The full party will be posted right here on November 10th as part of the Clear & Simple Stamps Party Hop!
    • Live classes? I’m toying with the idea of offering LIVE online crafting classes! The format is unlike anything I’ve seen done and I think it could be a ton of fun! Basically, you’d log in and receive one-hour of live-streamed craft instruction from yours truly and leave with a few handmade projects! It’s a great way to meet other crafters, chat and learn a new technique!  The logistics are still being developed, but I’d love to know what you think about this idea! Would you participate? Would you pay for a live class like this? How much would you be willing to pay? What kind of projects would you like to do in a class like this?

5 thoughts on “Class Field Trip: Calendar Round Up”

  1. I’m so impressed with your new and improved blog, Amber (and I thought the old one was pretty awesome)! I would love to take a live class from you.

  2. Live classes? Brilliant idea. I’d love a monthly or weekly class. I don’t know what I’d pay but I’d like to learn how to use what I have. Scraps, previously stamped items, etc. I can’t wait for all the laughs you’ll give up. You are a ham and I think everyone will LOVE your LIVE personality! 🙂

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