DIY: Back to School in a Box

August 17, 2015

DIY Back to School in a Box | damask loveI never dreaded going back to school. I was “that” kid. The kid who looked forward to homework. I looked forward to new textbooks. I looked forward to being a student again…but most of all, I looked forward to the back-to-school shopping. The brand new backpack. The notebooks. Oh – and a slew of new mechanical pencils. To this day, I love me a good mechanical pencil. If we’re being honest, I pretty much love all school supplies and I look forward to it. All the pretty papers, folders, notebooks and such  – they just make my crafty heart go pitter patter.

Now that I have a kiddo, I sort of look forward to the back to school shopping I’ll do with him one day. For now, he’s eight months old and school is a ways off – but I have to admit, I might have already snagged him a few personalized goodies. Don’t judge. Call me overzealous. I like to call it “prepared.” Yeah…”prepared.” Let’s go with that.

My peeps at Minted have a sweet collection of customizeable goodies for the back to school season – so I wrangled up a few and packaged them into one of my signature “in a box” projects.

What you need:

  • a large paper mache book box
  • craft glue
  • foam brush
  • patterned paper
  • sticker letters or precut vinyl sticker (I cute mine using the Cricut Explore)
  • white paint

DIY Back to School in a Box | damask love

  1. Paint the “pages” portion of the box with white acrylic paint
  2. Brush the cover of the book with craft glue

DIY Back to School in a Box | damask love

  1. Adhere patterned paper to the cover of the paper mache book
  2. Trim excess and fold over extras to the inside of the cover

DIY Back to School in a Box | damask love

  1. Adhere patterned paper to the back of the paper mache book and use a craft knife to trim excess
  2. Adhere a piece of cardstock around the spine of the paper mache book

DIY Back to School in a Box | damask love

  1. Once you’ve wrapped the spine, trim the overhanging edge as shown – sort of like cutting fringe. Then you can wrap those fringe pieces inward and adhere them to cover the inside if the spine
  2. Adhere stickers or vinyl to the cover to make it look like a text book. I used a vinyl sticker cut using the Cricut Explore, but alphabet stickers will work just as well.

DIY Back to School in a Box | damask love


I filled the box with lots of customized back to school goodies from Minted including their kid’s labels, notebook and room decor sign. I’m sort of obsessed with that room decor sign! It’s so good for homework time. And those kid labels? They’re pretty doggone great, because they are washable. I’ve been using them on Markus’ bottles that he takes to daycare and I have no problem with washing the labels.

For this project, package your labeled supplies into the handmade book and gift them to your favorite kid – or teacher!
DIY Back to School in a Box | damask love

DIY Back to School in a Box | damask love

DIY Back to School in a Box | damask love

DIY Back to School in a Box | damask love

DIY Back to School in a Box | damask loveYeah – I got Markus in on the action. I did my best to get a photo of him wearing those glasses but he wasn’t having it. The outtakes were pretty hilarious. In all the fray, he wanted me to be sure to relay one message – he loves his personalized back-to-school supplies. He also loves chewing on his toes – but don’t mind that. The Minted goods really are awesome.

Shout out to Minted for sponsoring today’s project. I received product, payment or both in exchange for this post. All opinions, projects, wacky stories and cute baby photos are all my own. Thanks for loving the sponsors that keep this show going.



9 thoughts on “Back to School in a Box”

  1. That little box and collection of supplies are the sweetest – it would make such a cool back-to-school gift. Of course the photo of Markus is the sweetest of all!

  2. Your project is awesome but sorry to tell you…Marcus stole the show!!!!
    He is ADORABLE!!!!!!
    Thank you for the picture up-date! Cute, like his mamma!!!!!

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