Behind The Scenes: Are you watching Craft 101?

August 6, 2015

WATCHINGCRAFT101In my head I have a bright white studio with huge windows and tons of empty wall space. In my head, I have a cameraman who will shoot and edit amazing videos that look like iPhone commercial with swanky, hipster tunes playing in the background. In my head, I’ll have a perfect manicure in each video and get it all done in one take. In my head, I look awesome in white skinny jeans…and that’s when you realize, things don’t always work out the way you see them in your head. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have. Of course, I’d love to shoot videos in that imaginary bright white studio with empty wall space, but I share a craft space with my little baby – and if I shot footage of that room, you’d see toys and cardstock piled up and little handprint along the crib. You’d see the baby monitor taped down to the dresser because my child has figured out how to grab it and play with it in his crib. You’d see a pile of baby clothes that he’s outgrown and a dead succulent that never made it into a blog post. So, I’ll spare you the glamour of my “studio.” I’ll still give you videos though. Videos that I edit myself and don’t look anything like an iPhone commericial. One day maybe. Until then, you’re stuck with me and a collection of pretty awesome, easy, one-minute crafting tutorials that I’m calling Craft 101.

Craft 101 is all about getting beginners to dive into crafting with simple techniques that might be a little confusing. I’ve always wanted a library of videos and now they’re here! I add to this collection a few times each month and I hope you’ll check in to see what’s new. I’d also LOVE to hear your suggestions for Craft 101 content . What video tutorials would you like to see? What simple crafting techniques do you want to learn? Are there any Damask Love projects that you would like to see on video? Gimme the scoop on what you want! Unless you want me to wear a pair of white skinny jeans. Ain’t happenin.


13 thoughts on “Are you watching Craft 101?”

  1. I think you do a fabulous job on your videos and blog! They are much more highly produced than the typical videos. I love the basic projects that you show. I can’t think of any other projects at this point. Ideas for Christmas gifts?

  2. So, haven’t watched any vids but I feel an urge to let you know something. Your post above made my heart race. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s that time of the month for me, or maybe it’s because it’s Thursday (I think?) but I’m feelin’ a little extra bitchy today. So I’d like to add a few words.

    It really pisses me off that we now live in a society where we have to second guess every other damn decision we make, based on the anticipation of other peoples judgements. It really freaking sucks! Like, it makes me want to punch someone in their stupid face. Do you know how much good shit we are missin’ out on BECAUSE of those judgemental assholes?!? Do you?! Probably a shit ton. (Yah, a shot ton is a mathematical figure!) We miss out on lots of potentially bad ass stuff… because not everyone has the lady balls like you do, to step up to the plate and put ur shit out there WITHOUT being over-powered by the negative self-talk.
    So THANK YOU for bringing this to our attention, and keep in mind that you fucking ROCK for setting an example (plus making some epic cute shit fareal!) and I give you an all-out-GIRL-POWER-crazy-idgaf-solute!!!!!!!!!! And to all of the nay-sayers and judgemental duches out there: *”Please stop. You are hating on our game. And it makes life hard. Please, and Thank You. -PS- go fuck yourself. That is all, have a nice day.”*

    Oh yah, and aside from the raging hormonal BS above, my heart raced cuz I was excited 😀
    Keep doin you boo ♡


  3. I think your videos ROCK! I watched all of your Craft 101 videos when you first created Craft 101 – I didn’t realize you were still adding more. I’ll go check that out…
    As for what I’d like to see? A lot of stuff – your version. 🙂 Things like when I use the Cricut Explore Air (yes, I broke down and got it) to cut all these small layers that have to be glued together (think gingerbread man with thin white icing trim) – what is the best adhesive option? I end up with glue all over me. LOL Maybe that’s just how it is? Or maybe there is a better option I don’t know about?
    Any Explore tips & tricks? I have watched the Cricut Official videos but they basically are 2 minutes saying “it does this” but doesn’t explain how.
    Any card-making tips and tricks.
    Anything you post I will read/watch! Thank you for being you and doing what you do! 🙂

    1. Oh – Lin, my Lin. You are such a keeper! Thanks for your comments and awesome cheerleading. I love your idea about the Cricut Explore videos! I totally know what you mean about trying to assemble all those intricate designs. I’ve been thinking about shooting a few basic Cricut Explore videos showing some of the tricks I use with mine. In the meantime, get yourself a sticker maker and use it to adhere those small, thin pieces.That’s what I do. Just run the thin piece of paper through the sticker maker and you’ll get adhesive only in the places you want it and you won’t have glue all over the place! (check my “Shop” link and there’s a link to the sticker maker I use) Hope that helps!

  4. Hi Amber…your videos are amazing and I love them…I realized watermelon fans!! Maybe something about different kinds of inks??? pigment, dye, soft tones, neon and so on…
    a big hug

  5. I am doing my happy dance!!! I have been wanting to just jump in and do some of your projects but always get all the items and never get back to it. I need a challenge to just do IT. I am excited about the Crafting 101.

    I love love love LUV your site and all your projects. You ROCK IT!!!

  6. Heeey Girl! My So-Flo Sista’
    Yes, I’ve watched all of your videos…more than once; ok more than twice. Anyhew, I think what you do is AWWW-Some! You really give the breakdown on how to create and recreate your crafts that are absolutely Ahhhh-mazing! My daughter loves to craft too and she’s 6 so I would like some handy dandy quick crafts that I can do with her and her group of friends on play dates. I Love crafting with the little ones, they have some of the most creative minds ever! Any crafts from toddlers to teens would be great I’m also Youth Coordinator of an all girls organization ages 4-18.. If you have any ideas to work with the different age groups…please do share. Maybe you can make a guest appearance and teach a craft session with them yourself. That would be Soooooo Coooool!

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