Behind The Scenes: Must Have Craft Apps: Paper 53

March 15, 2013

Paper53AppHeaderApp addiction is a real thing and it’s alive and well in the AKGsquared home. My apps of choice are craft apps…basically anything that I can use to be creative or help develop crafty ideas. After a brief conversation about this on the Damask Love Facebook page, I figured it could be helpful to share some of my favorite craft apps here on the blog along with a brief review.

Let’s get started with my current fave: Paper 53. I went through several sketchbook apps before settling on this one.

HelloMyNameisPaper53aWhen I didn’t own the Pizzle (that’s what I call my iPad) I walked around with a pencil and sketchbook all the time, and during lulls, I’d pull it out and start coming up with ideas for the blog. I’d average about one sketchbook each month, which was annoying at times if I wanted to refer to an old one but didn’t have it on me. Sketching apps are such a great solution for this.

BlankCanvasEach of the items on the Palette is purchased “a la carte” – truth be told, I’d prefer it if everything came as a package deal, since I think they are all necessary for getting the full function out of the app.  If I had to pick only a few to purchase, I’d probably select the Draw tool, the Color tool and the full color palette of 28 color choices.

Tool Comparison Paper 53 | Damask Love BlogI do all of my sketching in Paper 53 with my finger. The creators recommend using a stylus, but I just don’t get along with stylus pens. I lose them constantly. Of course, if you are looking to get precise artistic results in this app, a stylus is your best bet. For me – I am fully aware that I am no Picasso, so I’m not even trying to pretend that I have any true capabilities when it comes to drawing. I simply want to get my ideas on “paper”! That said, Paper 53 is by far the most responsive app when it comes to drawing with your finger. The lines are smooth and look beautiful.

Sketchbook Screen Paper 53 App | Damask Love Blog


You can have several notebooks within Paper 53, and you can even customize the covers from a selection of 11 pre-loaded options…or you can select a photo as your cover image.Sketchbook Open Book Paper 53 | Damask Love BlogAnd if you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll see here how it first came to life in Paper 53…

Sketching Example Paper 53 App | Damask Love App


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