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January 23, 2015


So, maybe I’m the only one who has a nasty habit of treating the floor like it’s one big shelf – but I think there are a few of you who may also be guilty. Usually, I toss paper, envelopes but truth be told – everything is fair game. When I recently redesigned my craft organization I knew I had to give everything it’s proper place and maximize every inch of space I had available to me. I was able to nestle my Urbio system in the back of my closet which gave me even more storage for crafting items like pens, notebooks, paper, envelopes and scissors. With customizable storage like Urbio, I’m able to organize even the smallest items and save them from their fate on the floor.

twoaLet’s be honest. When you are an avid crafter, your craft stash changes monthly as more and more product is released. It’s hard NOT to be indecisive about your organizational approach with so many frequent changes. Thankfully, Urbio is made for wishy washy organizers like me. One day I may need organization for my markers – but next month I may need to find a home for my new collection of adhesives. Urbio is a magnetic, modular system that can be switched around in seconds, making for very easy changes. You can also add on base plates as your collection grows. The system is made to change with your needs.

As good as I am at indecision, carpentry is definitely NOT one of my strengths. I make an effort to stay far, far away from any organizational tools that require lots of assembly or home improvement know-how. I can use a screwdriver and drill – that’s about it. Thankfully, Urbio is super easy to install. You just need to screw the base plate into the wall and from there you just place the magnetic containers where ever you want them to go. Easy. I installed my Urbio in just a few minutes. four

By far, my favorite feature of the Urbio system is that you can take the containers off the magnetic base and bring them over to your work space. This means that you can pretty much install the Urbio base plates in any location that you have available. It doesn’t necessarily need to be installed right over your desk. You can tuck it away, out of sight but still have access to everything it’s holding. I keep my Urbio in the closet, but when I’m crafting at my desk, I just grab a container and bring it over. Then when I’m done, it goes right back and I have a clutter free workspace.

I don’t know about you but I am completely obsessed with Shark Tank. I love watching entrepreneurs pursue their dream and I love it even more when they strike a deal with one of the sharks. Urbio is a Shark Tank success story which makes me root for them so much more! You can read the recap here. Clearly the sharks saw how awesome this system is and I’m pretty sure you will too. It was originally designed as a wall garden, but I can see so many more uses – especially for us crafty folks!Untitled-3


I’ve yet to see Urbio go on sale and quite frankly, when they are doing so well, I’m guessing they don’t need to offer any discounts…but the awesome people at Urbio are offering a great deal to Damask Love readers who order and use the code DamaskLoveGC15. How great is that?! Here’s how it works:
You can receive a $15 Urbio giftcard for every $100 you spend at on the Urbio website.
  • Spend $100-199 and receive a $15 gift card
  • Spend $200-$299 and receive a $30 gift card
  • Spend $300 – $399 and receive a $45 gift card, etc.
The coupon code will expire in three weeks (start Jan 22 end Feb 12 11:59p EST) and the gift cards issued from this promotion will be good for 90 days to expire May 12, 2015. Reader who use this coupon code can expect to receive the gift card (via email) within 48hrs of their qualifying purchase.



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45 thoughts on “5 Reasons you need…”

  1. There are so many ways I could use a system like this. I will be moving my craft space soon so I could for sure use this for better organizing my crafting tools and embellishments.

  2. This system looks amazing. I have so many little tools and scissors and things, that I think the Urbio would solve some of my storage problems. Thanks for showing off this system.

  3. I would use the Urbio to hold my crafting tools. I like the fact I could just have them off my desk and use that space for other things. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I love their designs and I’ll need to re-organize everything soon because of similar reasons as you. 🙂

    Hope, baby Markus is OK. 🙂

  5. I would use Urbio to hold my crafting tools. I have my desk filled with too much stuff and would love to have more space on my desk to work and create. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I am constantly re-organizing my space and I would love to try this system out for all of my tools/markers/embellishments/etc…

  7. Urbio is so cool! I just bought a new house, and, of course!, the craft room is the LAST room to be done. But, I am getting there…

  8. This is very cool! I’d love to have a couple with plants for some life in the craft room and the rest with tools, paper clips, buttons, and little crafty knick knacks that I can’t ever find the right place for.

  9. Love these designs. I would love this system to hold some of my art/crafts supplies such as colored pencils, stamps. These would also be wonderful to hold my plastic handle seam ripper stich sewing tools.

  10. What a cool idea! This would really unclutter my space. And bring some things out where I see them and could or would actually use them. Imagine that!

  11. I could use this to store many of my craft supplies such as pens, markers, scissors, tools, adhesives, etc. above my desk to have them close at hand.

  12. I would put all of my miscellaneous pencils, markers, scissors, and such in them! Boy I could put that to good use, and I love the look of them! Very creative and inspirational.

  13. I have too much unused wall space, and not enough desk space to add a desktop organizer and not enough floor space to add another drawer. If I had Urbio, I would definitely take all the tools/supplies that are currently all over my desk and transfer them into organizers on the wall.

  14. Wow! This system sounds perfect for me! My room looks like a tornado hit! I live in a duplex and really can’t do anything permanment so I’m trying to organize but it’s impossible !

  15. I love this stuff. I am forever organizing/reorganizing…. I know exactly which tools I would store using the Urbio system. I love that it is magnetic – so handy!

  16. I would love to use this for my cricut tools that I always grab. I currently keep them in their green container since they are sharp tools and I have littles here who love to get into everything. I also have pens and tags that I use daily. I love your set up ANC thank you for always inspiring me & amazing me with your crafty skillz!

  17. I was just telling my dad that I need to move a chest from his house to mine because I have so many bags of product on my floor! I would love to win a system that would help me organize my stash! Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. OK, I currently use Bob Evans paper soup cartons to hold my wet glue bottles, eraser pens, and other misc stuff. They are falling apart because they are made of paper! I’ve never heard of this product before but I sure would like to try it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I would move all the clutter from my desktop. I need some help! And I love that you said it is flexible because my stash is always changing…so true!

  20. An earlier post of yours got me started on Urbio so I bought a few pieces. I have to ask, what is that cute green divider you have in the shorty one?

  21. Hahaha that is a funny question because I don’t have a craft room. I have an old secretary desk and a portion of my daughter’s walk-in closet that I keep my craft stuff in. So the Urbio would be amazing in my little secretary where organization is a must!

  22. I would use it in my pantry closet for pasta also on my computer desk for my pencils and mail. Oh of course once I get my Ikea hack craft table together I will be using it there.

  23. I would use the Urbio to organize my craft space. I really like the idea of being able to use it for a wall garden on my patio though and might find it hard to make the decision which would be nicer, spring being just around the corner.

  24. I’m enlarging the closet in my craft room. New shelving will be installed soon and I could add this system’s installation at the same time. I’m better at giving the job to somebody than doing it myself. It would great to have a place for small items that might be lost on the shelves.

  25. This system is amazing. I can see not only organizing my desk with it, also my craft desk. I like to keep the basic tools I always use right at arms reach, this would be perfect to help me keep the counter area clear, still having everything just where I need it. This is one I really hope to win! Thanks for the opportunity Amber!!

  26. Would solve the problem of all the little things that I would usually throw in a drawer or in a box, never to be found again!

  27. Wow!! This is so neat!! I would definitely use this to organize craft supplies on my wall! I live in an apartment in NYC and don’t have nearly enough space for my craft supplies!!!

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