Behind The Scenes: 24 Hour Craft Day!

October 7, 2015


Look ma! No cords! Today is my first 24 hour craft day on HSN and I’m excited about it. I’m excited. And nervous. And exhausted (I just got back from spending 3 hours setting up all the yummy crafts that I’ll be showing on air).

If you’ve never tuned in for 24 hour craft day – well – it’s uh…24 full hours of nothing but crafts. So yeah, basically in the best kind of television ever. I’ll be on all day long tempting you with some pretty cool tools (like that new cordless hot glue gun from American Crafts new Sticky Thumb line). Here’s the official line up of what I’m sharing on air as well as the hour I’ll be on.

5am // 9am// 1pm | We R Memory Keepers Punchboard Party Collection

I’ve been telling you guys about the punchboard for a while now! It’s one of my faves. I actually purchased this exactly HSN punchboard bundle long before I got this gig – so you can believe me when I tell you, it’s worth your shekels. The collection includes two…count ’em TWO punchboards along with a full pack of paper, twine and washi envelope wraps. With the holidays on our heels, you’ll find lots of great ways to use this set. And if you’re up at 5am to watch crafting on television…well….girlfriend, you are clearly serious about your crafts and this punchboard collection needs to come live with you.

5am // 1pm |  5- Piece Marker Bundle

So, a marker is a marker is a marker, right? Well, sort of – unless you’re talking a set metallic and bright white markers that are crazy inexpensive and are perfectly opaque even on dark backgrounds. I’m sort of really super duper excited about this product and the demo I have planned for them. Something simple but something you can definitely put to use on your holiday table.

6am | We R Memory Keepers Fuse Bundle

The Fuse is pretty bananas. When I got this Fuse Bundle, I sat down and played until 1am. The kit comes with everything you need to make a buttload of cards, gifts and scrapbook pages …and mind you …I don’t even LIKE scrapbooking but this tool makes me want to memory keep all day long. Check it out. It’s very cool

2pm | 48 piece WOW! Glitter Assortment

Let me keep this short. You need glitter. You need all the colors. Here’s proof. So yeah. Order this assortment and you’re set for life.

5pm | We R Memory Keepers Watercolor Washi

I’ve always wanted a respectable collection of washi but never felt like shelling out a ton to get it. So I carried on ….washi-less. No mas. This collection has every washi you’ll ever need. For a little more that twenty buckaroos. That’s doable, right?

5pm |  We R Memory Keepers Template Studio

…and it only makes sense that my last airing be my absolute favorite. No kidding, Template Studio is my jam!! It creates big, huge boxes, envelopes, pillow boxes, file folders, dimensional stars, candy boxes…and of course, since it’s from We R Memory Keepers, the assembly is easy and the instructions are clear. Hallelujah!

So I hope you’ll tune in. It’ll be our chance to sort of hang out in real life…and if you do have a chance to watch, I’d love, love, love to hear about what you ordered!

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6 thoughts on “24 Hour Craft Day!”

  1. How exciting for you to be part of the HSN 24 Hour Craft Day!!! 🙂 I have all the shows recorded/recording and just caught a couple of minutes with you and the awesome glitter! You really are a natural! I’ll be with you at 5pm – I am interested to see this template studio. I’ve heard of it but haven’t actually seen it.
    I have the WRMK punch board set you mentioned – it is really cool! I wasn’t really into making banners but the banner punch board makes it so easy. I made one for my wedding anniversary earlier this year and my husband was quite impressed. 🙂

  2. I didn’t even know that you’d be on HSN today. I tuned in, and thought, “Wait! That’s Amber!” It was so cool to see you on TV after enjoying your blog for years.


  3. I bought three items because of your presentation. The sticky thumbs glue gun, punch board, and the fuse bundle. You did great!

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