DIY: Printspiration: Something To Make

April 23, 2013

Printspiration: Something to Make | Damask Love BlogFairly often I come across phrases, quotes and poems that resonate with me. Sometimes they are thoughtful, sometimes they are funny …but every time I say to myself, “I should frame that!”

Then I never do.

Until now.

Printspiration is a little something I’ll be posting whenever the spirits hits me. A free printable that inspires me in some way, and I’m hoping it inspires you too! My first Printspiration post features this poem that I found while reading THIS post on The Em Dash. Chances are that if you are reading this blog, this poem is for you in every way created this digital printspiration with a canvas background that gives it a more handmade feel. Once you print it out, you can leave it as is…or add some stamped images, like I did.

I stamped the top edge of the poem with bright & tiny florals that sort of float toward the bottom.

Printspiration: Something to Make | Damask Love Blog

Now if you’ve printed yours out and stamped it – you’ll want to display it, right?

Lucky for you, I’ve got you covered! Today, my monthly guest contributor project is up at the TomKat Studios Blog…and it just so happens that the tutorial shows you how to make an incredibly easy “frame” for displaying your “Printspiration” artwork. How convenient is that?! It’s like 7-11 up in here.

So head over to TomKat – say hello, check out the tutorial and start getting crafty! That’s an order.

Printspiration: Something to Make | Damask Love Blog


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{Official AKG’s European Vacay Update}: We are currently in Amsterdam for the day then we’ll be heading back to Paris this evening  for a yummy dinner and a few more days of sightseeing. On our second day here, we walked up the Tour Eiffel, which I’m pretty sure burned off all the calories I’ve been eating (“Nutella et marron” crepes are a food group of their own, and I’ve had far, far too many.) If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find lots of photos of our European antics! Yesterday we went on a little “paperie” tour around Paris and I came across some amazing gems. I’ll be posting about them all when I get back!

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